Monday, August 1, 2011

Moon in Virgo opposition my Ascendant

There is a difficult connection with the internet today, so I make it short and quick and I won't add a picture of a bar of soap...
I just had to tell about what happened with Moon in Virgo on my Descendant. I met a rather silly and dirty lady with red blooded holes in her legs. She insisted to tell me all about those legs in a language that I hardly understood. I said that I didn't quite understand her and expected her to move on, but...heard her say that she didn't mind if I understood her, because she would tell me anyway. It was about a hotel refusing her because of the legs and a doctor who was to see her at 3 pm. My bus arrived and I started to move. She said goodbye and took my hand and started shaking! Then I realised that she had just touched the shorts that covered her wounds and had pointed at a deep red and orange hole in her leg. I don't know if she was just silly or if it was on purpose, but I know that I reacted very Moon in Virgo-like. Moon is need. Virgo is hygiene. Descendant =because of other folks. I was grateful for the desinfective liquid hand soap that happened to be in my bag and I hope that I removed all of the bacteria. Next Moon in Virgo I won't shake hands and try not to be polite...Coincidence? Maybe it was, but it was so much in line with Virgo that it just had to be told.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose that there is Chiron at your Ascendant too? Chiron got his name from creek word "cheir" meaning hand.

Anonymous said...

We in Finland had TV-serie called Uutisvuoto (in English about Newsflow) and in it it was often said :
"Tahdotteko kuulla? Ettekö?
Kerron sen silti."
Meaning about the same as you said in your post:
Would you like to hear?
No? I will tell you in any case.

Astromarkt said...

Thanks for the comments! And yes, Chiron is still close to my Ascendant. Didn't know about the Greek meaning...:)