Friday, August 26, 2011

Venus and Mars 'calling'!

With a chart with important positions for Venus and Mars, we are likely to be passionate. When neither Venus nor Mars make major aspects, passions may be river deep and mountain high. Often, that is not good for reputations and careers. A 'calling' Venus/Mars midpoint can be very demanding...It is the combination of beauty, desire and preferences with action, fire and drive: the red rose. 

When I read about the escapades of a Belgian female authority (filmed when she was notably having sex on a tower somewhere) I thought of Venus- Mars = passion. She was born on a day without Ptolemeic aspects for the planets of passion. That is just like in the charts of Hugh Hefner, father Lawrence Murphy. As it seems, when Venus and Mars are 'calling', sexual activity  will be prominent at any possible level and there will be passion, somehow, anyhow...and  for the Belgian woman: now...Why?

The video was made a few years back and was published now that: 
  • Progressed Mars is inconjunct her natal Sun (closer than at birth, and when there was a wide inconjunct of Sun and Mars) and 
  • Progressed Sun 105d natal Mars. 
  • Progressed Venus is sextile Mars, also, resonating the natal importance of Venus-Mars.
That is 3x a 'hit' with one of the prominent planets involved. That is enough (rule of 3) to make the theme of passion important today.

When both Venus and Mars are prominent passion is also prominent.
It's not that there can't be other signs of passion. It just means 'any level' from zero interest to the max and back. And often uncontrolable, too, depending on the influence of transits and progressions. A 'calling Venus and Mars' is reflecting a passionate nature, often expressed in relationships and love, and fiery desires. As always it depends on status, position, gender, time in history, culture and other circumstances wether this Venus-Mars effect will make you famous or notorious (if only in your own place or family). I don't know if 'passion calling' is about sex always. So maybe the passion means a hobby of catching butterflies in someone's chart:)! 

Hugh Hefner has it: a call for passions!
Unfortunately a priest had it, too.
More information about 'calling planets'...

Amy Winehouse had Venus/Mars rising before the Sun, mirroring that her passions came first of all.

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