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Life of Amy Winehouse and astrology

Amy Winehouse died and a beautiful voice has gone. All we know is her day and place of birth and that is a limitation. There are so many more persons born on her birthday (for example Frostee Rucker). They are not all singing or using drugs and they didn't all die this week. Still, we can see the potential of artistic talent in the chart. Here is more about the most important moments in her career and life. And of course there is also more about the chart of her day of birht. Because the question is: how does this chart (partly) show these major events, if you consider the fact that she was a woman on stage in a world full of drugs? It is fragmental because of the missing hour of birth but in short: the passionate and driven person, living the blues to the max, is in Venus and Mars rising before the Sun, the 'calling' Saturn in Scorpio. And situation and circumstances did the rest. Continue for more about the charts of the debute, marriage, divorce, final day and about the talent in the chart.

The debute album of Amy Winehouse, Frank, was released on October 20, 2003. Pholus (the symbol of the turning point) is making two minor and three major aspects!

Here is the chart with the position of the day of birth of Amy Winehouse and transits and progressions of 20th October of 2003.

 It is clearly an exciting day. Transit Uranus is opposition her progressed VEnus. A dream came true: transit Neptune trine her Progressed Sun. 
You know that I always check Pholus now. Pholus is making more than just a few important aspects on the day of 'Frank'. Transit Pholus:
= square Lilith
= square natal Mars
= 15d. from Uranus
= inconjunct Northern Node
= opposition transit Northern Node
And transit Node is square Mars

Four or five times transit Pholus is a lot. When there is more than 2 indications (the rule of 3!) and Pholus is the only transit that is the starting point for big change. The debute was an immediate success. 

She got married to her on-and-off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil on October 18, 2007. Juno and Venus are among the aspects. Both are symbols of marriage.

- Progressed Mars is trine Juno (rather accurate astrological picture of an alliance - trine - between Mars=man and Juno = wedded wife... ).
- Transit Pholus is square Progressed Mars 
(!!! Again a Mars-Pholus square, just like with the debute album. Perhaps that was when she met her later husband?)
- Progressed Venus sextile Saturn: formal wedding
- Transit Saturn trine natal Pholus

On August 28, 2009 the divorce was a fact. Saturn is the symbol of separation and divorce. This planet had been transit her Sun, resonating the end of a period in life. Of course, the divorce didn't come out of the blue.

There is also transit Jupiter opposition Mars (successful action) and that doesn't need to be referring to the divorce. She released her first album on her own label 'Lioness Records'. 

Her parents and fans were afraid that she would die, since a long time. Her death was the end of a period of decay.

The progressions and transits for now are:
- Progressed Sun opposition natal Pholus (a turning point in life, with the risk to shoot your own foot)
- Transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Venus (excitement with a loss, too much excitement)
- Transit Pluto square Progressed Mercury (mental problems)
- Progressed Mercury sextile Uranus: an easy way out of controversy or nervous mind
- Transit Uranus trine natal Jupiter (a relief, sudden positive change or way out)
- Transit Jupiter exactly conjunct Sedna. I found a discussion on the net about this aspect related to feelings of betrayal:

Those were the transits and progressions of the most important moments of the life of Amy Winehouse. They are not complete without hour of birth, but present a picture that is in line with what happened or at least doesn't disagree. (I don't know why Pholus and Mars-Pholus are this important in progressions and transits, but it might be that they have a key position in the natal chart. Maybe it is because Pholus has an isolated position opposition all of the planets in the chart.)

Amy Winehouse is on my blog Art&Astrology, too. I said (quoting )
There is more news in the papers about her drugs addiction, but Amy Winehouse DOES have a beautiful and special voice and...the pattern of artistic talents in the positions on the day that she was born (14 September 1983, London). Such a pattern is composed by Moon, Venus and Neptune (and the related signs). As her hour of birth is unknown, the angular positions and the sign on Midheaven are a mystery, but...We see Moon conjunct Neptune, both trine Venus. We see the passionate couple Venus and Mars rising before the Sun. This is the picture of a passionate person prepared to live to the max (60% of the positions in fire signs!) and at the same time vulnerable because of the sensitive nature. The half semi square between Jupiter and Neptune is for the theme of the devoted audience. 
The combination of Sun quintile Jupiter and semi quintile Pluto gives her the confidence to be on stage and is the root of success. In the 5th harmonic the Sun is conjunct Jupiter and opposition Pluto. This does not explane her fame. Prominent position in her individual chart would probably reveal more. 

That is it. Amy Winehouse' funeral was today. What remains for us will be the memory and the recorded voice. Amy Winehouse was the living blues and now she is dead. You can't sing the blues without emotions. There were almost no placements in water signs (empathy, emotions) in her natal chart. The only planet in water sign in her natal chart is Saturn and Saturn is in Scorpio, not making major aspects in sign. When Saturn is 'calling', duty is calling and Saturn in Scorpio sometimes mirrors challenging careers, mountain high and falling deep down and intensely serious, at any possible level. Maybe that is what it takes to sing the blues...

In the combination of Mars, Saturn and Pluto, Mars and Saturn are prominent. That is a dangerous combination.

Mars rises before her Sun and Venus, so Mars is the orientational planet. This important Mars and the 'calling' Saturn make us aware of the theme of Mars-Saturn: discipline and death ends. Her natal chart has Mars half sesquisquare Pluto and quintile Saturn. These minor aspects create the  combination of untimely and unnatural death (Mars-Saturn-Pluto). And at least 2 of the 3 are prominent in her chart.

Another thing is the amount of placements in fire signs, in combination with Mars rising before Sun and Venus. That is a lot of energy for someone who is not using it in training and/or sports. In the article about getting old (or not) on Astromarkt (see links) you can see that a lot of fire signs don't help to become an old granny. A lot fire is a risk for burn out.


But where are the drugs in this chart? One of the indications: Sun half sesquisquare Neptune (67.5d) in the progressed chart and Sun square Neptune in the natal. Sun-Neptune. Neptune in aspect with Sun relates your life and lifestyle to uncontrolable and invisible issues like the media, fantasy, ideals and dreams or gossip, nightmares, deceit, desillusions and all that is fake. Even you might not be the real you...See the links for more...

Jupiter and Neptune are also in aspect with Amy Winehouse' Sun. This again points at the possibility of having a devoted audience (fans). See:

Sun-Neptune on Astromarkt
All about natal, progressed and transit Sun-Neptune

About Saturn calling (no aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees):
... a Saturn calling you can rise (high) and fall (deep). You can be a manager, director, president or executive. You might be in a position whit responsibilities and that involves being blamed when things go wrong. Saturn's importance can be working against you in certain conditions, circumstances and social settings. 

Saturn in Scorpio
...a problem of your career and status, so that limitations are your challenge and you look severe and fanatic sometimes.

Also visit: for example about aging...

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