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A Sun-Saturn pattern (in chart of Fedele Bisceglia)

Jehan Georges Vibert, Preparations for the procession (Txs Wiki Commons)
It doesn't seem to stop raining abuse stories in the Roman Catholic Church. Today,
father Fedele Bisceglia was sentenced to 8 years, convicted for the rape of four nuns. Bisceglia shouted that he is innocent (but it seems that there are incriminating phone tapes). Fedele Bisceglia was born on November 6, 1937 and pretty famous in Italy, because 10 years ago he converted a porn star. 
But, what does the chart of the day of his birth tell us? I want to show you how the chart, transits and progressions are an example of a repeated pattern: Sun-Saturn natal aspect with Progressed Sun in Capricorn, sextile Saturn, today. 
This Sun sextile Saturn tells us that sextiles aren't easy at all. 

He has Venus square Mars and Jupiter, tightly.That is a statement of a lot of (Juipter) passion (Venus+Mars). It doesn't seem easy for a monk. There are more examples of abuse by religious persons on this blog and they all have strong Venus-Pluto or Venus-Mars aspects. The demand not to marry is more difficult for a person with a lot of passion. And with some authority (in this chart: Pluto 'calling'!), there is a thin line between that person and abuse. 
But, I like to point at the Sun-Saturn pattern. The aspect Sun-Saturn in the natal chart is related to Mars and Uranus (Sun sesquisquare Saturn and quintile Mars, opposition Uranus). That immediately brings discipline into mind. Discipline, limited freedom and restricted independence (and the trend to break free). He found all that in the convent and now in prison. 

Fedele was born with Sun sesquisquare Saturn. That is hard for a 'common boy', because it means that life was harder for him than it was for others or that he started with seeing the disadvantages in life. Fedele Bisceglia lost his mother at age 6 (P Sun-Neptune) and entered the convent at age 13 (P Sun-Mars-Saturn). He didn't have much of a normal youth or family life. 

Right now the progressed Sun is sextile the year of his trial and conviction. 

You know, a natal aspect combination repeated in transits and/or progression resonates harder than other aspects do.

NOVEMBER 6, 1937
Fedele Bisceglia didn't have to become a monk and a rapist, of course. The chart of the day of birth doesn't tell us that. There are others born that day (a deceased writer, a deceased photographer and Eugene Pitt - 'the most underrated soul singer in America'-). Neptune rises before the Sun of November 6, 1937. Neptune is the symbol of beliefs, art, fantasy and the spiritual. Making music or photo's or writing or being a monk is all 'Neptune'. There is a range of possibilities. The musician didn't have to vow that he wouldn't marry. (I don't know if he ever did).
I hope that Pitt is OK and fine. 
BTW, I noticed that when Bisceglia entered the convent, Eugene Pitt's mother passed away (age 13).

There was no Jupter/Uranus to help him out, today, and Jupiter-Uranus is not prominent in his chart.  I tell you this because of the earlier post about DSK, OJ and Casey Anthony and the Jupiter-Uranus ' connection' when there was a happy change in their life or an acquittal. There was none for Bisceglia.


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