Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign Scorpio, Moon and planets in Scorpio, Ascendant and Midheaven in Scorpio

The sign of Scorpio is a fixes water sign. Ruler of Scorpio is Pluto. Before the discovery of Pluto Mars was considered ruler of Aries and Scorpio.

for Scorpio:
to defend, all or nothing, reorganising, reproduction, challenge and problem

You show your Scorpio sun :
- by making life difficult for yourself
- having high demands on yourself and others
- not avoiding challenges
- showing courage
- wanting to be the strongest (mentally and/or physically)
- be the last man/woman standing
- if you boldly go where no one would go if he/she was not a Scorpio
- to take the lead when things get difficult
- to want to be a winner (you hate loosing)

Often Scorpio is related to sex, murder and all other taboos. But the other side of Scorpio is research and technique.

As Scorpio is a sign of extremes you find some extreme examples here:
Charles Manson (4 planets in Scorpio)
Marc Dutroux (3 planets in Scorpio)
Bill Gates, Billy Graham, Grace Kelly and Andy Warhol

Moon in Scorpio
You are used to have to defend yourself when you have Moon in Scorpio, so you start defending immediately. If not yourself than your intimates. You need challenges and if there are not any you make them by making difficulties. And when you care or work as a caretaker you take on the most difficult jobs, the psychological problems or the mother-and-child care.

Truman Capote had this moon. So did Nostradamus.

Mercury in Scorpio

A fanatic student, going on until he/she is an expert. Your childhood might not have been easy.

Venus in Scorpio

Challenges in love and relationships...It is all or nothing for you in love. Some persons with this placements had problems and decided it will be a Venus in the desert forever. But when the aspects are good: strong and fanatic love and deeply true!

Mars in Scorpio

The strong man who always finished his job. The fanatic worker born for burnout...

Jupiter in Scorpio
Being fanatic in your conviction and thinking everything is justified to defend that, like Koresh did. But in general: deeply knowing you are right.

Saturn in Scorpio

Making a problem of your career and status, so that limitations are your challenge and you look severe and fanatic sometimes.
When Saturn is in Scorpio there is a demand to economize.

Bill Gates (richest man in the world), Kevin Costner

Ascendant in Scorpio

You look nastier. stronger or sexier than you might really be. You are not easy to be approached. The cactus from outside! With bad aspects women are a bitch with this ascendant. You really look brave if you are a man and people might fear you.

Examples? Margaret Thatcher, Grace Kelly, Edit Piaf, Vladimir Putin

MC in Scorpio
Your goal is to win, even if it is not easy! You seek a difficult goal in life, like Che Guevara did. You demand a lot in your carreer making.

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