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Mars/Pluto means: THE DRIVE TO WIN and all that involves that (results and pains, force, overruling, strong muscles even). In this article I give examples of people with an aspect between Mars and Pluto in their chart. And I explain what they have in common though they are so very different.

Examples of people with Mars-Pluto aspects:
- Hillary Clinton is one of those persons who has Mars afflicted with Pluto and Moon. These are indications for ambition. She also has the ascendant on the midpoint Mars/Pluto, indicating taking risks. Her natal chart is here below.
- Karl Rove has a midpunt combination of the MC with Sun/Mars, Mars/Saturn and Pluto/Node (the results sanctify the means).
- Joseph Smith (born 17th of march 1966 in Brooklyn) was a divorced auto mechanic on probation when he kidnapped an eleven year old (Carlie) and raped and killed her. His chart shows Uranus conjunct Pluto in narrow aspect. His Sun is aspecting the midpoints Mars/Uranus and Mars/Pluto.
- Carlie (Joseph Smith’s victim) was born 16th of march 1992. Her chart shows Uranus conjunct Neptune and Mars square Pluto in narrow aspect. Both Mars and Pluto are aspecting the midpoint Sun/Uranus, making a variation of the midpoint combination her murderer has. On the 6th of February 2004, when she was murdered, Transit Saturn semi squared both Mars and Pluto in her natal chart…
- Natalee Holloway (born 21st October 1986 in Birmingham USA, reported missing in June 2005) has a tight square of Mars and Pluto in her chart.
- Hannie Schaft (born 16th of September 1920) was executed on the end of the Second World War. She worked for the resistance.
- George Best (football legend, born 22nd may 1946, died November 2005) had Mars conjunct Pluto in his chart.
- Osama bin Laden, supposed to be born 10th of march 1957, has Mars square Pluto in his chart.
- New prime-minister of Germany, Merkel, has Mars trine Pluto (she was born 17th of June 1954)
- Sportsman have Mars-Pluto aspects often, like Willem van Hanegem and Ruud Gullit (both sextile), Rinus Michels (opposition) and famous international Johan Cruijff (very narrow Mars trine Pluto): the drive to win.

Ebertin says Mars/Pluto in general is 'superhuman force (violence and brutality'). Afflicted: to treat others without compassion to gain the goals, cruel, brutal. Sociology: topsporters, nuclear investigators, WAR VICTIMS! All this is done with the drive to win. The note in the book ‘COSI’ (Combination of Stellar Influences) says that at the time of launching a rocket a Mars/Pluto connection - usually with the Sun - has been seen.

I think Mars-Pluto speaks of 'men with power or brutal men' and use/abuse of power. Or with the Node: 'contact with violence' and I would add: power. And not to forget: the drive to win.

Victims with a tight aspect between Mars and Pluto fight for their life
When Carrie died T Saturn came over her Mars and Pluto and that (acc. to Ebertin) refers to violent divorce, suicide and wanting to get over difficulties. She defended herself against the attack that eventually killed her. Because when you have a Mars/Pluto aspect you are not likely to be an easy victim. And neither are the war victims that Ebertin mentioned: attack (Mars) and defence (Pluto). The same drive is to be found in the chart of Natalee.

No moral valuation in astrology
Mars and Pluto in aspect in your chart simply shows a extraordinary drive, strength and the spirit of combat that is helpful in the charts of those who want to win, gain, defend and force. An aspects on its own does not indicate good or bad. It indicates a tool to use. And having Mars in aspect with Pluto makes it a strong tool!

On 10th January 2007 I wrote about SOPHIA LOREN/CARLO PONTI:
"Today Carlo Ponti, the husband of Sophia Loren, died. Mars and Pluto are starring...
Sophia was born September 20 1934 at 15hours in Rome. She has Mars and Pluto in the seventh house of relations and marriage. Today the midpoint of Mars and Pluto was exactly square her natal Sun and Transit Mars was inconjunct progressed Pluto. In the solar return chart Mars quindecile Pluto (orb 1,5 degree)and in the solar return chart for her next birthday Mars opposes to Pluto.

Carlo Ponti's chart reflects the Mars-Pluto in the chart of Sophia Loren.

He is born 11th december 1912 at 13.00 hours in Magenta and died today with Transit Pluto square ascendant and opposed to progressed Pluto, while transit Saturn is inconjunct progressed Sun and transit Mars squares progressed Sun.

Is it possible that two charts 'fit'more? His Mars and Pluto are prominent. Mars is oriental and Pluto on the IC! She has Mars and Pluto in the house of the partner (that is descriptive of the partner) and both have Mars and Pluto active and activated in their (progressed, birth or solar return) charts today."

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