Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sun sign Pisces, Moon, planets, Ascendant and MC in Pisces

Pisces is the very last sign. Mutable quality and water element.
Neptune rules Pisces (Jupiter used to be ruler of Pisces)

Keywords for Pisces are:
cooperation, empathy, go with the flow, sacrifice, secrecy, miracles, idealism, imagination, fake, informal, no limits

With a Sun in Pisces you:
- sacrifice yourself ("I will do that for you")
- or try to run when a difficult job waits for you ("I am too weak for that")
- give in under pressure ('Why fight against faith")
- disappear (maybe into your world of dreams)
- are very tolerant
- you are very sensitive (of atmosphere for example)
- are an idealist
- sometimes are a shark and bite the smaller fish
- have self pity (badly aspected or when in trouble)

Famous Pisces are Edward Kennedy, Edgar Cayce, Rudolf Steiner, Kurt Cobain (stellium in Pisces) and Bobby Fischer (what is in a name?:), but also Elisabeth Taylor and Michel Gorbatsjov.

Moon in Pisces
You need fairy tales and romance and when you do not get it under bad circumstances you may and up in trouble due to being naive, addicted and so on. You are a good secret keeper or you pretend to have secrets (to be a mysterious woman). As a trend watcher or social helper you could do a good job as you have a sense for what moves people at the time. Mothers with this position idealise their children and that can lead to disappointments. You may suffer from an allergy.

Add some music in your life with this position!

Lots of famous and artistic people have Moon in Pisces such as:

O.J. Simpson, Ravel, Klimt, Mahler and Tolkien, Robert de Niro and Michael Jackson. So does Hillary Clinton.

Mercury in Pisces
You think with a lot of fantasy, so maybe you'd better leave the administration to someone else. You can have an allergy for certain perfumes. And boy: a good fantasy. You can tell some stories! Lots of examples:

Yoko Ono, James Joyce, Alice Cooper

Venus in Pisces
Romantic, sacrificing love beyond limits. Cupido dreaming! You might be artistic. You can love a person very platonically (a movie star for ex. or another idol).

Maybe you are so blindly in love with an idol that you simply do not see the nice neighbour.

You love music and love to dance and share this position and favour with John Travolta and Diana Ross, Barbara Streisand and a Dutch abstract painter (Heiboer) who lived with 5 younger women without having sex with them.

Mars in Pisces
Waste of energy or realising dreams...Your motivation is not from this world, you must have an ideal to work for. Otherwise you drift away, maybe as a professional swimmer.

Michael Palin, Vincent van Gogh, Paul Getty

Jupiter in Pisces
Strong position of Jupiter still, this "believe in miracles and providence". Somehow with this position you have a lot of fantasy or endless luck and dreams might help you solve problems. Badly aspected you are overly tolerant or religious and might become a hermit (but a happy one and accompanied by a dog).

Kepler, Stalin, Maharishi, Oliver Hardy, Henry Miller and Tolkien

Saturn in Pisces
The opposite of Jupiter in Pisces, endless mistrust. They seem to feel obligated to suffer, be lonely or their faith is a heavy load to carry. Very few politicians have this position

Dalai Lama , Roy Orbison , Woody Allen

Ascendant Pisces
The positive side is being helpful and idealistic, knowing how to pretend (acting) and being tolerant whatever you do and you do it using your imagination. Or anonymously. Or with the use of media.

You do it inconsequent, too, others say, but you say you 'just adept'. There is a certain danger of being alone to much and closing your senses for the bad and ugly outer world and become an island (where you sure would like to be sometimes).

Badly aspected you do very negative and secretive. Pisces ascendant talks all the time. When those people stop talking, something is wrong...

Paintor James Ensor had this ascendant, so did Queen Wilhelmina (wrote a book about her youth called: Lonely, but not alone..). Whitney Houston has this ascendant too. I have it too (OH NO!(:

Midheaven or MC Pisces
You have an ideal to go for, like Robert Hand, Marc Penfield, Orff, Cher, and Hillary Clinton. The media play a big part in your career. Like in the life of Steven Spielberg.

Pisces is the sign of the immaterial, amorph, invisible...f.ex. religion, movies and fantasies, spiritual events...

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