Tuesday, April 8, 2008

and why he lost his head.

Ringo Starr's shrub sculpture gets the chop, says the Daily Mail today. This happens after the Beatle's 'insults' about his home town Liverpool. I have a birth chart dated 7th July 1940 at 0h05m a.m. in my databank, but I asume that others have better hours of birth available. That would however be a shame! This chart fits an artist. Venus is conjunct IC and Neptune conjunct Descendant. The crucial Venus is also square Aries Point AND rising before the Sun. And he may not be nice to Liverpool, he IS an artist.

Even without a proper hour, you can see that Mars is conjunct his Sun right now and Neptune inconjunct Neptune. And what about the transits with the progressed chart? Saturn conjunct progressed IC (a very bad moment in a carreer) and Uranus opposition Progressed Sun (for the upheavel) , combined with Neptune sesqui square the progressed Ascendant (what you do is seen in a negative light). So I proudly put the drawing of his 5 minutes past midnight chart here.

BTW In ancient times affliction of Saturn with the (progressed) meridian was a bad sign for a prisoner or outlaw. He could lose his head. And Ringo lost his head, in a way, did not he?:)

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