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Neptune is opposition the progressed Sun of the late Princess Diana right now. Her progressed Sun is close to square Venus. I think the gossip, the negative light that was shed on her past again and the media influence is related to the Neptune opposition. And the Sun square Venus hopefully means that a new eposide of peace is near. I am convinced that the accident was an accident. I see the Saturn-Pluto-Ascendant combination in the charts of Diana and Dodi, that I also noticed in the charts of 4 other victims of traffic. And on the 31st August 1997 Mercury-Uranus afflictions in their charts indicated being in a hurry and ... a possible traffic accident.

I have don the reading of the birth chart of Diana...before, on my site Astromarkt. She was born 1st July 1961 at 19h45 in Sandringham, married 29th June 1981, eldest child William born 26th May 1982. Diana died on 31st August 1997. There is a lot to tell about the Cinderella complex in her chart (Pluto on top in the 7th degree of Virgo) and about the Plutonic effect in her life (Pluto: the price you pay for richness, the symbol of life and death, money and power, sex and politics). The chart of Diana does not show a victim. It shows that she chose her own ways of doing things, and that she needed a lot of love.

There is a significant lack of aspects with the ascendant. It seems she was the play ball of events and situations and had little grip on it. A calling ascendant might point at 'representing' at any possible level.

The main afflictions are with Mars (conjunct Pluto) and through the translation of light with the Node connected with Uranus. All this occurs in the ninth house of other countries, travel and publicity. For the accident we see even more clues....

1. in her natal chart...
Mars, Uranus, Pluto close together in the equal ninth house of travelling. Afflicted Moon in 3. Ruler 8 in 3 opposed to planets in 9. Node exactly opposed to the midpoint Uranus/Pluto (radical relations, accidents together with others). And the supposed to (and always present) Vulcanus is almost exactly opposed to the midpoint Ascendant/MC.
And in her birth chart we see Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the eight house, indication of death by impulse or speed with Saturn related to the midpoint Pluto/Ascendant. That is a midpoint combination that also occurs in the two deadly traffic accident charts mentioned in the famous book of Carter. I looked at the birth charts he mentioned and gave my vision in this article, click here.

Diana was not driving and had no influence on the events at all. Still I think the transits and progressions for the accident are not plenty. Only her rush and taking risks can be found and maybe that is just her share in the event: being in a hurry.

2. transits and progressions
When she died there were these aspects:
- Transit Uranus conjunct ruler 1 Jupiter (mostly a 'thank God'relief aspect, but in transit an alarming signal? there must be something to be relieved about...) ;
- Transit Jupiter opposed to Progressed Sun (being happy, but with some side notes);
- Transit Uranus opposed to Progressed Mercury (nervous aspect, indicating the plan to speed ahead and connected to accidents involving 'hurrying' and technical problems);
- SunArc Pluto square Mars/Vulcanus (a life in danger)
- Transit Mars septile Vulcanus (another indication for danger).
- In the lunar chart previous of her death Saturn is on the descendant and Neptune, ruler 4, is on her IC.
- The strange thing is that in the converse chart the progressed Sun is tightly trine natal Jupiter. Look at Dodi with Uranus trine progressed Sun. Maybe it tells us something about the rather quick way of dying.
- Conversed progression: Uranus inconjunct Pluto; Saturn is almost exactly opposition natal Moon, ruler 8.
- Mars is ruling the 8th solar return house and is conjunct the ascendant of that solar return for 1997.

There are no transits involving the ascendant or MC unless you change birth time into 19h46m22s in which case primary ascendant is sesquisquare Pluto and the progressed Mars is exactly moving from the ninth into the eight house. That is why I think she was born 80 seconds later than officially mentioned in her birth certificate.

All ingredients of the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the birth chart are mixed up on that dramatic day!

Pluto is on top with Venus/Ascendant for the power of being beautiful and being married. Pluto is disposing the 12th house of discretion and secrets and in the 9th house of publishing. Pluto is part of the Yod with Jupiter and of the small tine with Sun and Neptune . Diana was an idol (Sun-Neptune effect) and that was even more so after she died (Pluto). Pluto is semi square the MC. So her position was in a negative way related to life and death, money and power and sex...A lot of people already seem to have forgotten that in the beginning the gossip magazines did not stop talking about the way Diana and Sarah Fergusson were spending heavy lots of money!

And that brings us back to Pluto on top in a Cinderella degree...
On Tuesday, December 18, 2007 I wrote in this blog:
A Mars-Mars and Jupiter-MC connection

Diana and Dodi: they must have made each other happy. Notice that his Jupiter squares her MC, while her Jupiter is conjunct his MC. I wonder it that could have prevented a row in the end. Her Mars is exactly square to his. Remember the charts of Paul and Heather? Her Mars inconjunct his...It must be attractive in the beginning but it might turn into fighting each other later when two temparements test their qualities.

On his last day, Dodi Al Fayed had a tight aspect of transit Uranus (ruler progressed 8th house of life and death) trine the progressed Sun. That could be read as an easy and swift change. Notice that on that day Mercury is tightly semi square Uranus (for a hurry) and Saturn is tightly inconjunct Saturn. Saturn is conjunct the descendant in his natal chart and in Scorpio, square Pluto. That is the same sort of combination that I found in the charts of other victims of traffic accidents. Another bad sign is Pluto opposition Mars, within 2 minutes of orb! And perhaps the fact that Saturn is close to the MC in his solar return chart for 1997.

The oriental Moon in 9 is opposition Jupiter ruler 8 and that is the tightest aspect in his natal chart. We could read this as the woman from abroad and the collission that ended his life, but it refers to being used to travelling a lot.
Saturn square Pluto in Scorpio and the Ascendant related to the midpoint Saturn/Pluto is corresponding again with the victims of traffic who's charts I studied.

On January 15, 2008 I wrote about the testimony with ??? given by
Paul Burrell,butler of the late Princess Diana and born 6th June, 1958 in Grassmoor.

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