Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign Sagittarius, Moon, planets, Ascendant and MC in Archer

Sagittarius is a flexible fire sign. Jupiter rules Sagittarius.

for Sags are: expansion, growth, progress and chasing, room and space.

Sun in Sagittarius
? If you are a Sag you might show that like this:
- being tolerant (as long as you have space)
- not minding about details but loving visions
- being cheerful
- having confidence
- having your own opinion (very young already:)
- going your own way and doing it your own way (like Sag Frank Sinatra in the famous song)
- always knowing better
- laughing too loud (and thus annoying the depressed...:)
- giving advice to those who did not ask for it
- asking for advice and doing something else
Badly aspected Sags can be very indiscrete and unreliable like a flag in the wind.

Moon in Sag
Well, you may not really BE cheerful, but you think acting cheerful is a good thing always. You need progress and good news, cannot do without and when you pretend being happy you might actually become happy (you hope). Sometimes you just overdo that! When things are getting wrong or bad you became nervous and hurried.

Billy Graham is a good example of this positive attitude.

Mercury in Sag

Mercury is weak here. Sag wants to learn but teaches better. They just know it, you know. So they would better study languages or philosophy. Badly aspected this Mercury has a big mouth and a lot of criticism. But usually those people have a tremendous vocabulary and speak very well.

Venus in Sag
You are lucky in love or you married to be better off, anyway: you ARE better of married. And when it comes to a divorce you want another one. You like to travel and have an exotic taste. There are some famous singers born with Venus in Sag. You sure SOUND, like Tina Turner, for example.

Mars in Sag

You work with enthusiasm and in discussions you are very sharp sometimes. But generally you are a good sportsman.

Jupiter in Sag

The symbol of the faith in coming fortune and progress! In future everything will be better, you believe. But sometimes you tend to spend the money before the gold comes in ...Sarah Fergusson has this placement and got into financial troubles. Another big spender is Pim Fortuyn (Dutch right wing politician who had a very wealthy decorated house, a villa in Italy filled with art and a Daimler).

Saturn in Sag

Hypocrite? Maybe, but then Michael Jackson, Madonna and Prince are too. You have a great sense for justice and religion or conviction might play a heavy role in your life.

Sag for ascendant
You are the exponent of the good life. Extravert, open and enthusiastic (if not limited by a bad Saturn aspect, of course...:) You sure know how to present yourself at best. Although sometimes you overreact or overact.

Just like Bob Geldof, Prince William and John Kerry

Midheaven in Sagittarius or...Sag for MC
Your goal is to succeed, make progress or be the wise guy, like Nostradamus.

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