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VENUS AND PLUTO= The beauty and the beast united

Venus and Pluto in aspect or aspected as a midpoint indicate strong desires and the effort you make to obtain what you want. Venus in Scorpio simply indicates being fanatic in obtaining what you want (money or love); any aspect of Venus with Pluto is an even stronger statement.

Here are some examples of Venus/Pluto aspects working out as richness, power or influence or... problems with women, money or even being jealous.. . When you have an aspect between the two you may love to be in control. There are some ways to get control. People with lots of talents can get it with money or influence. Those who don’t try to do it their way…

Eric Clapton Venus 90 Pluto
Prins Charles Venus 120 Pluto
Frank Zappa Venus 120 Pluto
O.J. Simpson Mars = Venus/Pluto=Venus/Saturn (it is Saturn making it worse…)
Steven Spielberg Venus 90 Pluto
Yasser Arafat Venus 0 Pluto (and 150 Saturn)
Christian Dior Venus 90 Pluto
Chuck Berry Venus 90 Pluto (exact)
Howard Hughes Venus 180 Pluto
Richard Nixon MC=Asc=Venus/Pluto
Bill Clinton Venus 60 Pluto (and conjunct Mars and Neptune)

Jacqueline Kennedy Venus 60 Pluto
Greta Garbo Venus 60 Pluto
Lois Rodden Venus 60 Pluto
Shirley Temple Venus 90 Pluto (exact)
Cher Venus 45 Pluto
Condoleezza Rice Sun conjunct Venus in Scorpio 90 Pluto (aren't they strong women?)

I know someone having Venus opposite to Pluto, working day and night, rather wealthy (started poor), having exclusive furniture and expansive cars, but always unsatisfied. There are always problems with the product he buys. And when she got it she wants something better or something else.

The BTK-killer (born 9th march 1945) has no aspect Venus/Pluto. He has Sun on Venus/Pluto midpoint. But I read that he bullied the women in the neighbourhood for almost nothing and he liked to torture his victimes He evidently liked power and he loved to hurt women. He had a special desire to be in control. The BTK-killer (stands for Bind-Torture-Kill) has the following midpointcombination:
2. I have the birthdays of 3 women who abused female prisoners in German concentration camps in WW2. They all have lots of the element water (spec. in Cancer and Pisces) and ....all three of them had an aspect of Venus with both Mars and Pluto (Venus 60, 120 and 90 Pluto). Of course: it was during wartime. The women had no job, were poor and could work there (and take everything away from the prisoners if they wanted so). But they were convicted because of the extreme amount of violence they used against the women in the camp. They seemed ordinary elderly women at the time of their conviction (in the 80''s). Nice grannies! But in those circumstances of total power they turned into evil witches.

Venus/Pluto is an indication for fanatic desires and for strong demands. Could be focusted on good things (like getting a job done, an artistic event succeed or even gaining lots of money). But on evil things too. It depends of the weakness or strength of the character and of the circumstances how this essential problem with things you can posses or 'have' will be solved.

Venus/Pluto with Sun: great creativity (could mean: lots of kids too),
Venus/Pluto with Mars: strong sensuality, the desire to have lots of kids (again, potential of hormons)
Venus/Pluto with Jupiter is a topper: rich creativity, succes in art or love.
These Venus/Pluto cominations indicate success and ….money.

A harmonious Venus-Pluto aspect does not mean you are nice. It means it is easy for you to obtain power. Nice aspects do not necessarily indicate nice people…It all depends on the total chart!
Mar Bervoets
december 2005

An example dated november 2007:
The Canadian child abuser, Christopher Paul Neil, who recently was arrested in Thailand, was born 6th February 1975 in New Westminster (BC, Canada). That day Mars, planet of sexual activity, received hard aspects. In the chart of Neil Mars is evident in the wrong sense of the word. And the planet of the international (Jupiter) is 'calling' in Pisces. This points at the possibility of being religious, but also at possible self indulgency at any level.

Mars is oriental on his birthday (rising before the Sun) and heavily afflicted. The prominent Mars is making hard aspects with Saturn (an opposition) and Pluto (a square). Notice the combination of violence and danger! The closest aspect in his chart will be Venus inconjunct Pluto. The combination of Venus and Mars with Pluto, afflicted, points at problems in (sexual) relationships. Unfortunately sometimes this is an indication for using sexrelated violence of force. A male with sexual problems went to a place where it is more easy to do as you like...

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