Thursday, April 3, 2008

All about the sun sign, Moon and planets in Virgo and about Ascendant and MC in Virgo

Virgo is the second flexible sign. Virgo is the second earth sign.

Keywords of Virgo are: service, details, minor things, usefulness and skill

You show having Sun in Virgo and being a Virgo by:
- wearing perfect combinations (shoes white, handbag white, earrings white)
- telling your partner all the time about the things that do not fit in his outfit
- being proud when your boss is grateful for your services
- thinking things you cannot see or use are worthless
- change the place of the furniture every now and then
- being sarcastic when times get hard
- being a perfectionist.
Diets are Virgo related. Maybe that is why Twiggy is a Virgo. But so was Freddy Mercury.

Moon in Virgo

You notice every little thing and that is why you are of perfect use in practical processes such as photography. As a mother you like your children nice and clean and you do never forget the plants in the office. A modest attitude and at least pretending to be useful: that is Moon in Virgo.

Mercury in Virgo

Here Mercury is strong in sign. You are the kind of student that never simply accepts what the teacher tells you. Your mind is critical.

Venus in Virgo
You are very critical and choosy. Maybe that is why this placement of Venus is considered a sign for not getting married at all. And if they do it is because it is useful, practical or 'it should be done now'. In art Venus in Virgo is the kind of art product you can use practically, like a beautifully designed teapot. But: there ARE artists with Venus in Virgo:

These two artists have Venus in Virgo in the 5th house too: Louis Armstrong and Cliff Richard.
All of the artists below have Venus in Virgo:
- Bob Geldoff (Venus in Virgo in the 9th)
- Andrea Bocelli Venus in Virgo (born 22nd of september 1958, Sun in Virgo too)
- J.K. Rowling (Venus in Virgo, born 31st of July 1965)
- Mick Jagger Venus in Virgo in the equal 2nd house
- Eminem (17th of October 1972) Venus in Virgo
- Vicky Leandros (23th of august 1952) Venus in Virgo
- Julio Iglesias (23 September 1943) Venus in Virgo
- Carl Orff (Venus in Virgo conjunct IC) – 10th of July 1895 3h15 M√ľnchen

Mars in Virgo

The handyman, the realistic and practical service man, the cool guy. Badly aspected you are often aggressive to your employees. Example: George W. Bush!

Jupiter in Virgo

Symbolises the cynical and critical person who just does take everything for granted. The advantage of this placement is that you are lucky in finding good employees.

Saturn in Virgo
Symbolises those who have to work with details and be accurate and those who want to make a career in administration and services. Sometimes spending a lot of time on tiny details....

Ascendant Virgo

Hugh Hefner surrounds himself with beautiful young ladies and Virgo might be the symbol of that. But in general those with ascendant Virgo act like decent people. You will not find a spot on their clothes!

MC Virgo
Services, administration, practical use and skill, that is what you want to have and be known for.

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