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Chart of Princess Diana

PRINCESS DIANA's chart is the chart of a well known divorced and early deceased royal wedded wife. The chart should indicate trouble in marriage and status and perhaps also the accident that ended her life. Does it? The chart data: born 1st July 1961 at 19h45 in Sandringham, married 29th June 1981, eldest child William born 26th May 1982. Diana died caused by an accident on 31st August 1997. 

Diana was known for her marriage. She shortly worked with little children. You can find that in the aspect of the dispositor of the MC with the Moon in the third house. She has the MC in Libra in the 22nd degree, a degree of carelessly and without much effort becoming rich (or... through marriage...). Probably that was her ambition: to do a good marriage. There are several indications for that. 
1. Six (midpoint) Yods! These yods point at important issues. 
2. Nine midpoint combinations indicating success. 
3. Tree of the midpoint combinations are on Zero Aries! (Venus/Jupiter, Venus/Neptune, Jupiter/Neptune, variying on the theme of Venus/Jupiter/Neptune that I found in the charts of those doing a fortunate marriage).
4. There is also a small trine. Jupiter disposes of the first house and is connecting several yods. Pluto is on top of the chart. Jupiter and Pluto are in aspect. The Jupiter-Pluto combinations indicates ambition and success and challenges. The MC in Libra also points at the importance of beauty, grace or diplomacy in her public function. At the same time it indicates that her goal is to find balance, peace and cooperation. 

Pluto is on top in the 7th degree of Virgo, a degree of the Cinderella complex. The picture Janduz had is that of a man and a woman, who is in the pillory. An arrogant Madame de Pompadour looks down on them and a poor woman is being shy on the side. Diana was the princess of the common people, the simple lady and the rich woman in the pillory. The Cinderella complex shown in Pluto on top in that 7th degree of Virgo. According to Janduz you need to leave the world of glamour behind with this degree in prominence. 

Unfortunately Venus, ruler of the MC and strong in Taurus, is afflicted. These hard aspects point at the divorces. They are: Venus semi square Sun, Venus square Moon, Venus square Uranus (!). Also Mercury, ruler 7, is inconjunct Jupiter, ruler 1. Enough indications to assume that in her life and culture there must be a divorce. 

Her ex, Charles, has Saturn in his second house of money, almost exactly conjunct her prominent Pluto (the Cinderella complex joins his status). He gave her status and money and he could take it away, too. A connection between Saturn and Pluto in a relationship is not easy and indicates traumatic divorces because both are linked to status and authority, to money and blame. Is not it typical that Charles was blamed and he has Saturn in this relationship, while she had Pluto (and died). 

At the time of the marriage Venus trined her progressed ascendant and was conjunct her Cinderella-Pluto!. She looked fabulous that day and must have felt being appreciated and acknowledged. Venus was fulfilling a heart desire! There was also Jupiter and Saturn square the progressed Ascendant and Transit Saturn trine Jupiter: she was moving. 

But...the most important aspect around the marriage was: Transit Pluto on the MC and semi square Pluto. A difficult time started. She had to see to maintain her position or gain her proper place and meet challenges. Exactly that what she valued most in life (sex, power, money and influence, Pluto on top!) added the other side of Pluto: problems, enemies, changes for worse, being forced to do things you do not like. And her Sun changed sign! Another way of living! About 5 weeks later the Moon trined the Sun in the 7th house. The honeymoon was over and they started to live together. And even before Wiliam was born Sun Arc Jupiter was conjunct Moon and Progressed Jupiter semi square the ascendant. Transit Venus squared natal Moon at the time of birth. These are common aspects for having a first baby and being happy with it. 

So it seems there were problems from the start, but she decided to go on and experienced happy moments. Yes, her chart does not only show bad times!

Jupiter opposed to Sun/Mars, Jupiter opposed to Sun/Node and Jupiter opposed to Mercury/Pluto: these are tree midpoint Yods with the finger pointing at Jupiter, ruler of the first house. Pluto is also making a midpoint Yod: exactly at Venus/Ascendant (being loved by many). Also the MC has a midpoint Yod with Sun/Jupiter! There are supportive midpoint combinations for success also, like f.ex. Moon semi square Jupiter/Ascendant, Venus sesquisquare Jupiter/Ascendant, etc.etc. 

Look at the Yod involving Jupiter (1), Mercury (7) and Pluto (12) connected with each other in sextiles: a fatal marriage? She had the ambition to marry rich and had five midpoint Yods at the time to become a princess and royal mother, apart from lots of other indications. 

Diana is a mixed type of earth and water (introvert, easily concerned and bothered). The Sun in Cancer, Moon in Aquarius and both of the rulers of Sun and Moon are in opposition! There is hysteria, but also clairvoyancy and foresight. Cancer Sun is emotional. Moon in Aquarius looks indifferent sometimes or tries to stay reasonable. But the emotions and experiences Diana had, were rather special. The T-square of Moon and Venus and Uranus is repeated tree times in midpoint combinations! Love affairs, falling in love over and over again, and sometimes motherhood out of marriage are part of the meanings this combinations might have. 
The chart of Diana does not show a victim. It shows that she chose her own ways of doing things, and that she needed a lot of love. 

There is a significant lack of aspects with the ascendant. It means she was not very direct in the way she acted. Or she did things through others, or deviously. Her way of looking and acting could have nothing to do with what she felt inside. And on the other hand each event could have deep impact, because there were no ways to deal with it and give it direction and a place. It seems she was the play ball of events and situations and had little grip on it.

Mercury and Venus are oriental (as is the case with most of us) but so it the Moon. The Moon is walking away with her: emotions walk away with her. Moon is afflicted in the 3rd house of communications and transport and rules the 8th house of sex, life and death and other people's money. The main afflictions are with Mars (conjunct Pluto) and through the translation of light with the Node connected with Uranus. All in the ninth house of other countries, travel and publicity. For the accident we see even more clues. Mars, Uranus, Pluto close together in the equal ninth house of travelling. Afflicted Moon in 3. Ruler 8 in 3 opposed to planets in 9. Node exactly opposed to the midpoint Uranus/Pluto (radical relations, accidents together with others). And the supposed to (and always present) Vulcanus is almost exactly opposed to the midpoint Ascendant/MC. 

When she died there were these aspects:
Transit Uranus conjunct ruler 1 Jupiter (mostly a 'thank God'relief aspect, but in transit an alarming signal) ;
Tansit Jupiter opposed to Progressed Sun (being happy, but with some side notes);
Transit Uranus opposed to Progressed Mercury (nervous aspect, indicating the plan to speed ahead and connected to accidents involving 'hurrying' and technical problems);
SunArc Pluto square Mars/Vulcanus (a life in danger)
; Transit Mars septile Vulcanus (another indication for danger).
There are no transits involving the ascendant or MC except when you make a correction in birth time towards 19h46m22 (not unreasonable). Then the primary ascendant is sesquisquare Plyot and the progressed Mars is exactly moving from the ninth into the eight house. That is why I think she was born 80 seconds later than officially mentioned in her birth certificate.
In the lunar chart previous of her death Saturn is on the descendant and Neptune, ruler 4, is on her IC. The strange thing is converse progressed Sun is exactly trine natal Jupiter, conv. progr. Uranus is inconjunct Pluto and conv. Progr. Saturn is almost exactly opposed to the natal Moon, ruler 8.

All ingredients of the conjunction of Mars, Uranus and Pluto in the birth chart are mixed up that dramatic day!

Diana was not driving and had no influence on the events at all. Still I think the transits and progressions for the accident are not plenty. Only her rush and taking risks can be found and maybe that is just her share in the event.

Pluto is on top with Venus/Ascendant for the power of being beautiful and being married. Pluto is disposing the 12th house of discretion and secrets and in the 9th house of publishing. Pluto is part of the Yod with Jupiter and of the small tine with Sun and Neptune . Diana was an idol (Sun-Neptune effect) and that was even more so after she died (Pluto). Pluto is semi square the MC. So her position was in a negative way related to life and death, money and power and sex...A lot of people already seem to have forgotten that in the beginning the gossip magazines did not stop talking about the way Diana and Sarah Fergusson were spending heavy lots of money!
And that brings us back to Pluto on top in a Cinderella degree... (c)

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