Monday, August 22, 2011

Hunger strike with P Sun inconjunct Saturn

*) Annapoorna devi is the Hindu Goddess of nourishment
Dieting may be hard and difficult, so I am not surprised to see those hard and difficult aspects accompanying Anna Hazare's hunger strike against corruption in India. He is fasting since August 16. Here below is the chart. 

Positions on day of birth of Hazare, with transits and progressions
In short:
There is the theme of restricted liberty (progressed Sun inconjunct Saturn and transit Uraus). There are aspects pointing at values (Venus-Pluto) and the risk of wrong concepts (transit Neptune-Mercury). Ceres with Mars and Quaoar is perfectly describing the battle to create new realities by means of nutrition. 

How come that he is so fanatic to stop eating? 
- the Sun is 'calling' (statement for a leader, someone drawing attention). 
- Five positions in earth signs refer to what is material. Food is.
- Moon in Virgo is a principled soul with a need to serve. 
- Uranus is quintile Ceres (creative flashlight nutrition?)
- Saturn trine Vesta (devoted duty)
And so forth, but perhaps not eating is the only way that he can draw attention (Sun 'calling') and make a difference or start change (Uranus orientational)? I am afraid that it will harm his health now that P Sun is inconjunct Saturn. Especially when a person is older (and he is) there is a danger. 

*) Ceres is the symbol of nutrition. The Indian Goddess Annapoorna is, too. Try the label 'Ceres' to find out more about this dwarf planet or go to Astromarkt for more background info.

In 'Suspicious aspects' I write about Sun inconjunct Saturn and Mercury-Neptune afflictions in the natal charts of people who were (wrongly) blamed for crimes that they probably didn't commit. 
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