Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Neptune, believe it or not, aspirin and love

A nasty aching jaw and a hurt knee inspired this blog.The pain was mellowed by aspirin. Does that relate to Neptune? It does, believe it or not.
Fountain of Neptune in Nancy, France
Neptune is about myths and beliefs, fans and followers of idols and ideologies. In a more personal way Neptune is also the symbol of being believed or not and of believing or not. Recent example is the chamber maid in the DSK-case. 

Mrs. Diallo has a transit of Neptune conjunct her Progressed Sun and Dimitri Strauss Kahn has Neptune opposition his Saturn (her Progressed Sun is opposition his Saturn, too). They are involved in a media circus around the accusation of rape. Whatever happened will remain a secret (Neptune!) but the damage has been done, to both of them. DSK lost his job and everybody now knows about his sexual preferences and affairs. We all know about the doubts about Mrs. Diallo, who certainly experienced what an afflicted Neptune can do for your imago. The officials don't believe in her no more.

When people do believe (in) you, you can lead a double life (like Josef Fritzl - Sun biquintile Neptune - did, very convincing) or you can be an idol (like Obama: Sun square Neptune or Elvis: Sun trine Neptune). As long as people believe in you or follow you, you are almost 'holy'. Nasty aspects of Neptune by transit or progression make it hard to make new fans. President Obama has an inconjunct of Neptune this (and next) year. He is being demystified and his voters sometimes don't believe in him any more. That is one of the effects of the inconjunction with Neptune. There is more about Neptune...

Believe it or not, just recently, I read that a simple aspirin can help against being home sick or ease the pain of a broken heart. Pain (mental or physical) is pain and there is a drug against it...Imagine! When you (have to) go for a more or less hard turkey end - when breaking up, going to another place for a vacation, emigrating or when you were suddenly cut off from your habits - the antidote is as chemical as your brains chemistry is. 
You know that Neptune is also the symbol of chemistry and ...of romance. When you read this ('Falling in love is about your brain chemistry'), you also know why chemistry and romance (idealizing a person) are part of Neptune's vocabulary. And, Neptune is also a matter of belief. So what if you fall in love when there is an influence of Neptune? Would you believe in it?

Neptune is now retrograding in the final degrees of Aquarius (conjunct the Sun of the Aquarians of February 18 and 19) and will move back into Pisces on February 4, 2012.  See the links for the posts about Neptune in Pisces in  history. 

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Astrological position of Mrs. Diallo

Chart, transits and progression of DSK in May


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