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Chart, progressions and transits of Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Someone mailed me about the excellent analysis of the Oxford Astrologer*) of the chart of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF leader who is now in jail after accusations of attempt of raping a chamber maid in a NY hotel. What more can I say? This post adds something about Pholus on his Descendant, the progressed chart and the transits of May 14, 2011 (day of the arrest). On that day there was a difficult combination of transits: transit Neptune, ruler 8th house, inconjunct DSK's Ascendant + transit Saturn quindecile (165d) his important Mars.  Transit Saturn will soon be trine progressed Midheaven and Mars (as from next week till July). What does it mean? In short, that says: double death ends (restrictions) and humiliation. And there is always more in such cases: Mercury trine Neptune in the progressed chart. Mercury-Neptune is the suspect’s aspect combination (see the posts about the Friedman’s and Amanda Knox, see the labe). Mercury-Neptune also doesn’t support trips. There will always be something wrong with the schedule. Even it there are trines (or maybe it is even easier to confuse plans with trines!).

Charts must be seen in the light of someone’s gender, genes, situation, status, condition and culture. Strauss-Kahn risks a 20 year punishment for what he did in the USA. Earlier sexual misbehavior in Europe hasn’t even been reported. It seems that the IMF-man did the wrong thing in the wrong city. And that the tightest major natal aspect in his chart (Mars sextile Uranus, see Astromarkt) proved to be the aspect of acting on impulse, again. 

Continue for more about the natal chart, the changes in the progressed chart and the complete list of transits for the day of his arrest, with chart drawings.

Natal and transits of DSK

The natal chart of Domique Strauss-Kahn is reflecting what you read on Wikipedia. See his Astro ID: angular Jupiter, Mars rising before the Sun, Sun and Mars elevated. The combination of Sun, Mars and Jupiter is the combination of the man full of energy and drive who will likely have successes. The key positions of Sun, Mars and Jupiter with Leo Ascendant are very masculine.

Jupiter is for the international (he has 3 houses, in France, Morocco and Washington) and he is an optimist. Perhaps he really believed that Greece would pay back their loans in time?:)  Jupiter opposition Ascendant creates confidence (of him and in him). How else could he have gotten this far?
BTW Jupiter is in the 7th house (meaning: more than one marriage) and indeed: he married 3 times.

Pholus is on the Descendant. You know Pholus? Check it here… Pholus is always there when there are turning points in life and … the risk of shooting your own feet at some point in life. This risk is positioned on the horizon…

There is another angular position: Eris is conjunct Midheaven and Eris is the symbol of discord. It means that some kind of discord will above all be a top issue.

There are no positions in water signs in the natal chart. That makes it hard to imagine what others might be feeling. There is few empathy. There is more energy and drive, ability to communicate and creative power. On the other hand, lack of positions in water signs make sentimental. The amount of fixed signs is mirroring a strong will.

The Sun in Taurus with Moon in Aries is a combination for a strong character. Willpower and drive join with the Leo Ascendant, so that he draws attention. Neptune quintile Ascendant in this chart makes him persuasive.

The tightest aspects are Mars sextile Uranus (the easy way out of the short fuse) and Moon semi square Mercury (a frustrating difficulty to find a balance between what he says and what he really feels: he adapts to who he is talking to).

The combination of Astro ID (a man with great energy and drive, able to have successes, but also with risky positions) and character (strong, rather hard, not much empathy) helped him on the way to the top. But how did he get down?

Now watch the progressed chart. 

Something changed during life and that something is that Mars is conjunct MC now and Uranus rises before the Sun. The importance of Mars and Uranus is the importance of the short fuse. Venus and Jupiter don’t make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and are ‘calling’ now: let us party! But this year the Progressed Moon is in the natal 12th house and that shows a need for privacy (and he won’t have much of that in jail). And 50% of the positions are in the progressed 10th house of public.
In the progressed chart are many sextiles and trines for ‘the easy way out’. And there is a closed Yod: Jupiter is inconjunct Saturn and Uranus, a rather damaging combination. Jupiter is in the 5th house.

MAY 14, 2011
Dominique Strauss-Kahn was arrested on May 14. What was so special about that day? First of all, that he was in New York. In the USA they may keep you in prison for 20 years for what he did. In my country, he might be given a few months. So, he was in the wrong place. Let me show you the transits of that day:

Transit Mercury sextile Uranus
Transit Venus sextile Uranus
Transit Pluto trine Venus
Transit Chiron trine Progressed Moon
These harmonious transits don’t necessarily reflect what happened in the hotel (he dined with his daughter, for example)

Transit Uranus conjunct Moon (stimulated emotions and needs)
Transit Uranus inconjunct Progressed Ceres

Transit Saturn is quindecile (165d) Mars (this seems a real life threatening aspect combination because of the focus on death ends and wrong acts)

Transit Saturn is trine progressed Mars and trine progressed Midheaven (as Mars is conjunct MC in the progressed chart): it might be an easy way out to finish life.

Transit Neptune (ruler 8th house) inconjunct Ascendant (another indication for endings and …humiliation)

Transit Nessus semi square Midheaven (frustrating revenge)
Transit Orcus inconjunct Jupiter (the disproportional boomerang effect)
Transit Pluto square Eris (dangerous discord)

                      WRONG PLACE?
Charts should always been seen in the light of the circumstances and culture. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is an important international person but was born in a culture that doesn’t seem to care much about his attitude towards women. A journalist had been targeted by him and she chose not to mention it, because her mother had a function in the same political party as Strauss-Kahn (the Socialist Party). Even when he kept sending her mails asking if she was afraid of him (see the Oxford Astrologer) she didn’t consider to go to the police. When you think of Mr. Mitterand’s mistresses the conclusion might be that in France there is a greater tolerance for misbehaving VIP’s than in the USA. And that is where Strauss-Kahn went wrong.

It seems that there is indeed a danger of suicide and that is not surprising. He tumbled down from the top of the world to the hell of a NY prison cell after violating a woman (see Eris and Pholus in angular position).

PS The AstroClick Travel chart of Dominique Strauss-Kahn has the Venus-Ascendant line over NY. It doesn’t seem to have been beneficial for him, up to now.

Here is the link to the Oxford Astrologer:
The chart hour of birth is 11:10 a.m. (source is Astrotheme, no idea what their’s is).

More about Pholus on my site Astromarkt…That is where you read that Pholus-Ascendant is the combination of a 'coming out at a certain point'. Coming-outs tend to change the way that people say you. The way that DSK is being seen now certainly has changed. Pholus is the symbol of the centaur who shot himself in the foot. 

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Dr. Vangelis Petritsis said...

Interesting analysis! How would you interpret the forthcoming transit of Jupiter on Strauss-Kahn's Sun? Do you think he might be exonerated? You might also want to read my own analysis of this scandal as part of Pluto's transit through Capricorn.

Astromarkt said...

Good question!:) It took many transits and progressions to get into this position and I doubt that one Jupiter transit (repeated in February of 2012) will do more than introducing a good lawyer, a nice judge (...) and perhaps medical assistance. He is about to loose his position so you might wonder in what way Jupiter will bring progress or improvement (in his eyes).

You think that he will be found innocent?