Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sun/Moon/Pluto midpoint combinations

Sun/Moon is the midpoint of motivations. With Pluto you are motivated by money, power, influence and the more challenging things in life (danger, life and death)...You need or live in a world of challenge and stress. Perhaps the person with Sun/Moon/Pluto combinations in the chart suffered from a traumatic event. That might cause a state of constant alert. Here are some examples:

  • Anne Frank with Sun semi square Moon/Pluto will be remembered because of the fact that she died too young in Nazi time.
  • Jacqueline Kennedy with Moon square Sun/Pluto will be remembered because of the death of her young husband.
  • Grace Kelly (Princess Gracia) had Sun opposition Moon/Pluto (a midpoint yod with the Sun as the apex). Her death shocked the world.
  • David Koresh had Sun square Moon/Pluto. 
  • If the chart of Hugo Chavez is the correct chart, he has Sun/Moon with Uranus and Sun with Moon/Pluto. The Sun/Moon combination with Uranus and Pluto easily leads to radicalism. There would be a situation of stress and nervous problems, too.
  • Tony Blair and Prince Andrew have Sun in hard aspect with Moon/i
  • Terry Schiavo's husband has Sun sesquisquare Moon/Pluto and dealt with the tragedy of his wife's situation (in non-reversal coma and not allowed to die).
Sun/Moon and Pluto motivates by means of values, policy's or strategy, sometimes by force. The need to be strong, powerful or rich is apparent and that is because money or force could bring in vital changes. In a less extreme situation Sun/Moon/Pluto midpoint combinations are challenging for family life and marriage. Problems between man and woman could be inherent to this combination and require (at least) therapy. When Venus is part of the combination, those problems could be money problems.

I don't have a famous example of Sun/Moon with Pluto, but on Astromarkt (article about Sun/Moon, progressions and transits) you find this:
Michael Douglas has transit Pluto semi square Sun/Moon, following the transit of Saturn over Sun and Moon and midpoint Sun/Moon. We all know about his challenging period right now (trying to conquer cancer).
Pluto on Sun/Moon shows that you need strength and courage.

Michael Douglas' son is in jail and his wife had therapy while he had treatment for cancer. This was indeed an intense and difficult time for him. When you were born with Sun/Moon/Pluto you might have experienced a problem at the beginning of life. The fact that you survived made you more vulnerable and yet stronger, because you value life more than others do. That is the impact of a dwarf planet, Pluto.

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