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Sun/Mercury midpoint combinations

In the post named 'Sun/Moon/Mercury midpoint combinations' I referred to being motivated by communications (writing, speaking, or being a messenger by transporting the message). There is another way to look at a Sun/Moon/Mercury combination and that is when you see it as Sun/Mercury with Moon. Sun/Mercury is the midpoint of your mental health and personal ideas. When the Moon mixes with this midpoint, your opinion is influenced by your feelings and what you say is coloured by bias. So in a way, anyone with a Sun/Moon/Mercury combination writes what he feels and is a potential liar, because he colors the facts. Perhaps that is why writers of fiction often have this midpoint combination. However, there is also a strong drive to mention facts and to discuss them. That makes it easier to learn the truth. Sun/Moon/Mercury combinations describe feelings and memories or talk about what motivates them. People with this combination write and speak with heart and soul. But they are not objective, they have feelings for the things that they talk about.

When Sun/Mercury is mixed with Venus grace, style and beauty are added to expressing the opinion or view. You easily get contact with others and this might lead to marrying young. This combination of Sun/Mercury/Venus is very frequent and not all of the persons with this combination in the natal chart will become a writer. But they all communicate in a nice manner.

How different is the Sun/Mercury/Mars-combination! The sharp mind often produces sharp opinions. I know of a comedian with a threefold combination of Sun/Mercury/Mars. His words really 'cut' and 'hit' you when you are the target!

Sun/Mercury/Jupiter-combinations succeed by communicating ideas. When mention some examples of this combination you immediately will see: Sacha Cohen has Jupiter semi square Sun/Mercury. Michelangelo is supposed to have had Mercury conjunct Sun/Jupiter. Can you imagine how prosperous the life of this person as a student might have been?

Sun/Mercury/Saturn-combinations point at the hard sides of student life. Aletta Jacobs was the first Dutch woman allowed to study medicines and she had Sun conjunct Mercury, both square Saturn. It took her a lot of time to get permission and her time as a student was of course not very pleasant.

Galilei had Sun conjunct Mercury/Uranus and you know what he did: he said something very controversial about earth turning around the sun. Sacha Cohen has Sun conjunct Mercury/Uranus, too and what he says raises many eyebrows, too.

Sun/Mercury/Neptune is good for a man like William Shakespeare, because this midpoint combination ads fantasy to words. But in all other cases misinterpretations and misunderstandings (maybe even having the wrong opinion) could confuse communications.

Sun/Mercury/Pluto is the combination of the power and influence of the mind and of the word. Nelson Mandela has Sun conjunct Mercury/Pluto and politician Luia da Silva has Pluto square Sun/Mercury. This combination might also lead to mental stress.

Sun/Mercury/Node shows the opinions of a community or group and people with this combination in their chart might exchange ideas or instruct a group of listeners.

Sun/Mercury/Ascendant is the representation of lively communications,somehow. For example as a teacher.

Sun/Mercury/Midheaven is for the professional writer. J.K. Rowling has Midheaven conjunct Sun/Mercury and she wrote the Harry Potter books.

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