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Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and aspect combinations

Bacchus by Rubens (thanks to Wiki Commons
Jupiter/Pluto means 'a whole lot of' ' a treasure' 'intense potential for growth' and much more that creates greatness. Midpoint and aspect combinations with Jupiter/Pluto offer an opportunity to rise above the situation at birth. For example:

Sun/Jupiter/Pluto combinations enlarge the ego and challenges you to grow, have success, be ' great' and go for it. You want to be impressive and you will be! With this combination you have an intense self confidence and more self esteem (or influence and power) than others do.
Cardinal Richelieu, Hugo Chavez, Al Zarqawi and football players Wesley Sneyder and Zinedine Zidane have this combination.

Moon/Jupiter/Pluto combinations enlarge the soul and challenges you to become popular, successfully dominating the family. You want to be a great family member and you will be (of course you will!). Perhaps the other side of Moon/Jupiter/Pluto combinations is a dominating personality. You are attractive and you know what people want right now. That is a great concept for selling and launching new products. I have two examples: Oprah Winfrey and Eros Ramazotti.
1.Oprah Winfrey's Jupiter/Pluto midpoint is in hard aspect with the Moon and with Uranus. She is very very popular. 

2. Eros Ramazzotti has a lot of such combinations. I quote:
 He had a break through in 1084 with transit Pluto conjunct Sun and progressed Sun sesquisquare progressed Jupiter. Pluto and Jupiter joined forces for success. The 3rd indication for this break through is the aspect of the progressed Moon trine progressed Jupiter. There is no better aspect, believe me!
Of course it takes a willing birth chart to break through. Ascendant, MC and Moon are connected with Jupiter/Pluto. That is again 3 times success.

Mercury/Jupiter/Pluto enlarges the vocabulary and challenges you to be a great communicator (somehow).
Richard Nixon had Mercury square Jupiter/Pluto in his chart.
The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto combination in the chart of J.K.Rowling shows part of what brought her success: the great ideas and the ability to find words for them.

Venus/Jupiter/Pluto means (earning) a whole lot of love or of money and sometimes both. It is the key to a (social) successful marriage.
Also see the post about Venus in aspect with Pluto:
My examples are:
1. Kate Middleton, the future Queen of England, has Sun/Venus and Sun/Jupiter semi square Pluto. 
2. Dutch Princess Maxima has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter and Ascendant.
3. Robin William (Jupiter square Venus/Pluto) 
4. J.K. Rowling (Pluto semi square Venus/Jupiter) also have a Venus/Jupiter/Pluto midpoint combination
5. Politician Ruud Lubbers has Jupiter/Pluto semi square Venus (he is also a business man). 
6. Sarah Palin has Venus exactly on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint.

Mars/Jupiter/Pluto increases energy and drive. That will help you to win whatever competition.
Mitch Daniels has Mars/Pluto sesquisquare Jupiter. Recently his wife and daughters helped him to decide not to try to be the Republican candidate.

The Ascendant with Jupiter/Pluto makes you look great and that will help you to impress the persons that you meet. Barack Obama has this. It is also in the chart of Abbe Pierre. 

MC with Jupiter/Pluto challenges you to improve your condition and status. It is the recipe for a successful position in society (but it doesn't say at what level, how or why).
Examples: Ted Bundy (Jupiter sesquisquare Pluto/MC; Sarkozy has MC semi square Jupiter/Pluto, Galilei Pluto conjunct Jupiter/MC and Brad Pitt has MC square Jupiter/Pluto

The chart examples above have more indications for success than the mentioned combination.  You may understand that a number of these combinations with Jupiter/Pluto, Sun/Jupiter, Moon/Jupiter, Mercury/Jupiter, Venus/Jupiter, Mars/Jupiter, Jupiter/MC or Jupiter/Ascendant will be found in the charts of those 'who made it'. Charts should also be seen in the light of the gender, genes, circumstances and situations. Together with the character and talents these are the ingredients of the 'cake', the complete picture. 

For the combinations with Neptune (Jupiter/Neptune/Pluto) see the post about Jupiter/Neptune combinations. For those with Jupiter/Uranus see the post about Jupiter/Uranus combinations.  Just one more: Jupiter/Pluto with Pholus…that must be an enormous turning point, don’t you think?

Also visit:, perhaps about midpoints (how to calculate and interpret them). Later this year there will be a summary of all midpoint combinations on Astromarkt.


Anonymous said...

"6. Sarah Palin has Venus exactly on Jupiter/Pluto midpoint."

I have Mercury 0d 53’12” from my Jupiter/Pluto midpoint & Venus 1d 31’ 51” apart, but I still can't see Russia from my house. :(

Unknown said...

I have Sun / Jupiter midpoint exactly on natal Pluto in 10th
I also have Uranus / MC midpoint exactly conjunct this natal Pluto
Uranus / Moon midpoint exactly conjunct this natal Pluto

Venus / Jupiter is exactly on 0'Aries
North Node / POF midpoint is exactly conjunct natal MC
POF / AC midpoint is conjunct natal Pluto
Venus / Mars midpoint is on natal Jupiter

I have bounced between given a lot of money by various people, to having long periods of extreme poverty because extreme & seemingly random events have happened
I figure something is going on!