Friday, May 6, 2011

Sun/Moon/Neptune midpoint combinations

Prince William's Sun is square Moon/Neptune and that is one of the possible combinations of midpoints with Sun, Moon and Neptune involved. When Sun/Moon is in hard aspect with Neptune, you might be strongly motivated to live in ideal or fantasy world, because your idealism, fantasy, romance, inspiration and beliefs are being highlighted. Neptune is also the symbol of movies, pictures, and all that is 'fake', fiction or an illusion. Our eyes (Sun/Moon) are being deceived by Neptune and what we see is not true or real. When you feel the need to serve others without payment (as a volunteer, for example) it takes ideals and a motivation based on sensitivity to do the job. Neptune brings that on a golden plate!

There are mediums with Sun/Moon/Neptune combinations and we see this combination in the charts of actors, too. Jimmy Hoffa had Sun square Moon and inconjunct Neptune (with Moon sextile Neptune). He disappeared and his body has never been found. It is still unknown what happened. Here are a few examples of midpoint combinations with Sun/Moon:

  • Martin Luther King (' I have a dream'; Sun sesquisquare Moon/Neptune)
  • Johann Brahms (Moon square Sun/Neptune)
  • Madonna (Sun semi square Moon/Neptune)
  • Gunther Grass (Sun/Moon conjunct Neptune)
  • Shirley McLaine (Moon conjunct Sun/Neptune)
On Astromarkt I wrote about Sun/Moon/Neptune:
Motivated by idealism, faith or religion. The need to have dreams.  A good position for arts: highlighted fantasy. 

And it seems that the examples are in line with that.

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