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Sun/Venus midpoint combinations

Venus is the symbol of beauty and art. What we see above is not what we consider a beautiful woman, today. It all depends on culture and time (and gender), just like everything that we see in a chart. The Sun/Venus midpoint reveals more about love life and the way that you deal with the sweeter and softer sides of life.

When there is a hard aspect (45, 90, 135 or 180d) with the point between  Sun and Venus, there is a midpoint combination of Sun/Venus with the planet or position in aspect. The midpoint combinations of Sun/Moon/Venus and Sun/Mercury/Venus have been published before. Here they are quoted and there is more about the other possible combinations of Sun/Venus with planets, Node, Ascendant and Midheaven.

 It is the combination of the art of living, the desire to live in peace and being charming in heart and soul (because you want to be loved and probably ARE). 
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Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Mars: that is a combination for highlighted passion, art and love. Both Paris Hilton and Paul McCartney have Sun conjunct Venus/Mars: that is another way to make a Sun/Venus/Mars midpoint combination.

Sun/Venus in hard aspect with Jupiter is the privilige of the lucky guy or girl: either in love or in art. Examples: Peter Paul Rubens (Venus conjunct Sun/Jupiter) and Brad Pitt (Jupiter square Sun/Venus) or Dutch Queen Beatrix who is a privileged person and a sculptor and has Sun/Venus/Jupiter combinations 3 times together with a conjunction of Sun, Venus and Jupiter. Sun/Venus/Jupiter makes you see the benefits of style and life is a celebration.

There must be ‘another side of the coin’ for Brad Pitt, because he doesn’t only have a Sun/Venus/Jupiter-combination. He also has a Sun/Venus/Saturn combination! His Venus is conjunct Sun/Saturn. Linda Lovelace’s chart has Venus semi square Sun/Saturn.
This is the combination that shows you the limitations of love life and style and makes cautious in love (and art) because of earlier separations. With Sun-Venus-Saturn 'keeping up appearances in love life' might be one of the possible ways to read this midpoint combination.

Sun/Venus with Uranus is very stimulating for an artist and produces a hectic love life. Tension goes together with the latest styles. Victoria Beckham has Venus sesquisquare Sun/Uranus. She is in the news often because of her husband’s supposed to be love adventures. In the C-rated chart of Astrodatabank, her Venus is trine Ascendant and sesquisquare Uranus, to illustrate the fact that she is a good looking woman. For more about Venus-Uranus, see Astropost.

Sun/Venus with Neptune is for the romantic person or talented artist. This combination adds fantasy and dreams to the love life and life style. Karel Appel had Sun semi square Venus/Neptune, for example. Venus-Neptune is part of the pattern of artistic talents in a chart. See my blog Art&Astrology for more examples of the pattern.

Sun/Venus with Pluto is an intense combination for love: it is all or nothing and there also may be money issues. With this combination your qualities to earn money might be highlighted, too. Sometimes Sun/Venus/Pluto mirrors a dramatic love life. Paul McCartney has Sun conjunct Venus/Pluto.
Venus/Pluto intensifies desires and wishes ('to have to have') and (with other indications) reflects special talents. Read more about Venus/Pluto on Astromarkt.

Sun/Venus with Node is reflecting the shared joy of life, the diplomat and the beloved family or company of nice and talented people. It is likely that someone with this combination will do anything to improve the atmosphere. Prince Charles has Northern Node opposition Sun/Venus.

Sun/Venus with Ascendant wants to make the world look better. Francisco Goya used art to do so. He had Ascendant square Sun/Venus.

Sun/Venus with Midheaven might have a professional career in art, as an artist, or related to love and beauty, just like movie star Monique van de Ven with Sun semi square Venus/Midheaven. 


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