Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Mayerling suicide (Prince Rudolf)

Crown Prince Rudolf of Austria was born on a August 21 and he committed suicide. He didn't die alone. Maria Vetsera, his young lover, went with him. His Saturn was on her Midheaven. He was married, but not with Maria and he was very ill (sex related illnesses). He had a lot of difficult transits and progressions except for the trine with Jupiter, ruler 8 (the only chance for a way out: death?). Jupiter sometimes shows up in charts of times of death when the person who dies sees it as a voyage to eternity or a better place or when someone who impersonates Jupiter (doctors, for example) help and comfort a patient. There are even Jupiter-Uranus combinations in the charts of final moments, resonating relief.

There is a romantic choreography about the suicide...Read all about the after all not so romantic story of Mayerling Castle, the synastry and the natal charts here:

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