Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Transits of Sun/Moon and synastry

Transits with Sun/Moon are more important than you may realize. Try them and see. I will have many opportunities to watch the effect, because Uranus, Jupiter and Pluto will be in hard aspect (square, opposition and conjunct) my Sun/Moon in 2013 and 2014. I expect this to resonate change, not just for me, but also for my husband. My Sun/Moon is square his Sun, you see…That means that he will have transit Uranus opposition Sun, when I will have Uranus square Sun/Moon. Transit Jupiter will be square his Sun and opposition my Sun/Moon. Transit Pluto will be square his Sun, when I will have Pluto conjunct Sun/Moon. Couples share things and when your Sun/Moon is in aspect with your partner his life experiences motivate and effect you. When your partner is mourning, you will also be sad. When he is happy, you are happy for him/her...When your Sun/Moon midpoint is in aspect with your partner’s Sun (or a planet or an angle), you join your partner in depressions and celebrations indicated by the transits on your Sun/Moon. 

Transits with Sun/Moon are reflecting what is being highlighted in a certain period or what goes on in your family life. When the Sun/Moon is in hard aspect with your partner’s Sun, both of you will see the importance of the same issue. Here are some personal experiences:

- When Jupiter was conjunct my Sun/Moon and square my husband’s Sun, they finished a (nice) redecoration of my house. We were both happy with it.
- Transit Uranus square my Sun/Moon not only changed my career, but also changed the daily pattern, because  my next job was in another city. That was of course also hectic and a change for my husband (who had transit Uranus on his Sun). It was a kind of nervous period.
- I remember December 75, Pluto square Sun/Moon and the challenge was to buy a house with very few money to spend. That was a challenge for my husband, too. He had Pluto conjunct his Sun.
- With both Jupiter and Saturn square Sun/Moon we moved to another place. Together, of course. The combination of Jupiter/Saturn is frequent  in times of removal or migration.  

You don’t always have to share the same feelings in the same situation. When I moved to the house that I live in today, this wasn't accompanied by transits on Sun/Moon. That was with a wide range of transits and one important aspect in the progressed chart that I like to mention: Saturn trine Midheaven. That is why I haven’t moved ever since. Saturn is for long lasting!:)

So, what to expect next? With Jupiter and Uranus and Pluto I expect a change in career and/or living place. There might be challenges (Pluto), more or less pleasant surprises (Uranus) and we might also travel or jubilate (yes, Jupiter is the symbol of jubilation, too). I hope to tell you about it in 2 or 3 years:) ...

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