Sunday, March 18, 2012

Rick Santorum's Aquarius Moon

When I had a look at the natal positions in the charts of Rick Santorum I noticed that Moon in Aquarius first. Did you know that Rick Santorum has the Moon in Aquarius? Aquarius, Aquarius? The man whose ideas scare off women (says the not-republican Washington Post)? And did you know that Sarah Palin (also a Conservative, like Santorum) has the Moon in Aquarius? Just like Dutch Queen Beatrix? Queen Beatrix changed the palace habits when she became queen by immediately changing the staff and the way that the queen was spoken to. Her mother said 'please call me Mrs', she said 'call me Majesty'. That is different! And different costumes, that is Moon Aquarius! (More on the similarities of the charts of Palin and Queen Beatrix, who are very different:)...

The Aquarius Moon longs to change the world in a personal way and it is not about equality, liberty or socialism. Rick Santorum's way is the masculin way. Not just because he is a man, but also because his Mars is 'calling' (see what I mean by using the link). And Mars rules his Venus (sic:).

I think that Moon in Aquarius is about the need to change habits and roles. And as a conservative there is only one way: the retro-progressive way of change, going back to the fifties, when he  was born. The Stepford Wives times....? 

Would that Moon explain all about Santorum's desire to keep married women in the house? There is probably more. But for now, I like to stick to the Moon in Aquarius. 

PS I am sorry if the quality of the chart drawing doesn't match your standards (and mine). For some odd reason (maybe Mercury retro:) this is what I get when I upload a chart drawing.

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