Friday, March 16, 2012

Transit Saturn opposition Chiron trine Midheaven

Last night someone I know heard a scream, saw a man lying on the ground in her street and ran down the stairs in a hurry. That was a. because she is a nurse and wanted to help; b. because she is a Moon Aries square Mars and needed to do something about it:). She looked at the man and noticed that he was bleeding but before she could have a better look, the police already arrived. Then she heard that the man had been robbed when he delivered food. He had been shot in the chest for a bit of money! Here is the story in Dutch (maybe you can translate it but pictures speak for themselves). The (probable) shooter was arrested.

What does a chart say when someone is suddenly confronted with a crime scene right in front of the house? A lot! The incident was nasty but she did the best she could. That is satisfying and that is also being reflected by transits and progressions of Saturn, Pluto, Node, Chiron and Jupiter. There is a full list for those who continue. But I am particularly interested in transit Saturn opposition Chiron, because this transit is 'generational' (shared by a large number of people) and yet descriptive for the situation: the disadvantages (Saturn) of curing and healing (Chiron) others (opposition). Generational transits have a personal effect when one of the two positions involved are of importance in the natal (or progressed) chart. Well, Chiron is prominent in her chart as he rises right before her natal Sun and  Chiron is exactly trine her Midheaven. Perhaps that is the key to her professional activities!

Here is the list of transits and progressions with an orb of less than 0,5 degree.

First of all, her natal chart responded.
-      Transit Saturn semi square Ascendant (frustrating blockade)
-      Transit Saturn inconjunct Mercury (out of balance due to bad notice)
-      Transit Saturn quindecile Eris (symbol of discord)
-      Transit Saturn opposition Chiron (Robert Hand says: between a rock and a hard place).
Three minor aspects with Saturn with Ascendant, Mercury and Eris show us the nasty sides of noticing  discord and the Saturn-Chiron opposition perhaps shows the nasty sides of healing others.

Secondly, her progressed chart reflected the situation:
-      Progressed Ascendant conjunct Node makes you aware of the community: you are being social.
-      Progressed Mercury quindecile Pluto says stress.
-      Progressed Sun conjunct Progressed Jupiter: she is a lucky girl and full of confidence.
-      Progressed Venus opposition progressed Ascendant
These three aspects tell us about feeling ‘right’ and being happy in spite of some stress.

Transits with the progressed chart were:
-      Transit Chiron conjunct Progressed Moon (need to heal)
-      Transit Node conjunct Progressed Ascendant (again: being social)
-      Transit Node opposition Progressed Venus (doing something nice for the community)
-      Transit Jupiter square Progressed Mars (successful action)
-      Transit Pluto opposition Progressed Sun/Moon midpoint (stressful, challenging or dangerous event)
-      Transit Pluto inconjunct Progressed Mars (overly using or abusing strength, force or influence with a loss of energy as a result; risk of a loss of energy through violence)
The transits are of Pluto, Jupiter, Node and Chiron. Pluto shows the stress and challenges. Jupiter, Node and Chiron refer to the social interaction.

Even though she wasn’t hit by a bullet and even though she didn’t know the victim, she was down (transit Saturn), but feeling OK because she tried to help.

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