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Individual charts, groups and fate

A year and one month ago there were explosions in Oslo and a killer with an automatic gun shot and killed dozens on an island nearby. What did the charts of the people involved have to do with it? In this blog I want to share my thoughts about the role of the individual chart in times of group disaster (or glory). And I show you a strange interaction between the charts of the killer and the victims (even though he didn't even know them personally).

When disasters kill and injure many persons at the same time and place, astrologers are asked about the value of a chart. Some astrologers seek the tragic group destiny in the individual's chart. Others have difficult  theories about groups of persons brought together to pay for an invisible  guilt or fault in their past lives (I consider that an awful and unproven accusation, blaming victims). Fact is, that in a mass event there can't be a joint transit or progression. That is because it doesn't matter who you are.I think that charts of individuals are as helpful as characters would be in the given situation. Charts of individuals are sometimes insignificant. Charts of individuals only matter if there is a choice and a chance.

When you had no chance at all, like on that Norwegian island in a group assembled on the main square, or in an earthquake or tsunami, it doesn't help if you had a nice chart or only difficult aspects. That is because it doesn't matter if you are polite, or ambitious, or a dreamer or a fighter. Individuals are subject to the charts of their leaders (especially in a hierarchic situation or strict authority). Individuals are subject to the chart of their nation or specific place (when it is about war or natural disasters). Just as we all depend on the earth, the safety of the place where we live and (as a kid) of our parents.
In given circumstances, in a group, when there is a chance and a choice to make, there is a chance for the person's chart. Else, it is 'des astres'...There is no individual 'crime and punishment' or 'what comes around goes around' when it is about group events or the disasters in Japan or Somalia. 

When there is a chance for self rescue or when you are in the circumstances that enable you to survive, you will. The contrary is also true: the chart can be in your disadvantage. In times of war or disaster difficult transits and progressions make it harder to survive. Do you know 'I shouldn't be alive'? It is about people who almost died, but survived, often because of a strong will. In certain conditions, it is over when you give up. But there are, unfortunately, also situations that offer no chance at all. 

Just consider this....Transits, progressions and natal charts of individuals in times of war and danger might make a difference, at least for a while, and perhaps that is enough sometimes. But if you are a baby born in Somalia today the smallest nasty transit or progression might be enough to kill you. Those born with the same aspects but in wealth might only catch a cold. Circumstances, situations, genes, gender...they matter. When they are stronger than the will and character of one person, what can he/she do?

Nevertheless I started to study the data of the victims in Norway.  Then I found a strange correspondence between the chart of the anonymous victim and the chart of a killer, like in the case of the Oslo bombings and the later shooting. I have no idea why or what it means. I just noticed it.

The names and birth data of 4 of the Norwegian victims have been published in July. Three of the victims died in Oslo because of the explosions. One, the youngest, was killed on the island. They didn't know the murderer (Anders Breivik). They couldn't expect this to happen and they did nothing wrong to cause it. Their charts didn't help them. And even though the three victims in Oslo didn't know the person who was responsible for their violent death, and the fourth only saw him shooting, there is a connection between their charts and the chart of Breivik and it is in the movable signs. Breivik's progressed Mars was square transit Pholus (a turning point in aggressoin/a battle) in the degrees between 14 and 15 of the movable signs. His natal Pholus was in the 22nd degree of movable signs. His Neptune was in the 20st of movable signs. The Venus of the three victims in Oslo was:
- in the 20th of Virgo (square the Neptune of Breivik),
- zero Taurus (semi square the Mars of Breivik and square transit Pholus),
- 21.2 Virgo (square transit Mars and opposition the Pholus of Breivik).
- The youngest victim, killed on the island, had Venus in the 14th of Gemini (opposition transit Pholus and square the Mars of Breivik).

I don't know why it is Venus. I know that transit Pholus square the progressed Mars of Breivik is reflecting the shooting and the violence. Mars-Pholus is in aspect with the Venus of three of the victims. One of them had a Venus-Neptune synastry with Breivik and no Mars-Pholus link, but of course: the Ascendant or MC could be involved. It could just be coincidence and perhaps there is more. I stop here.
The data: 31 July 1954, 21 March 1950, 31 July 1978 and 7 July 1988.

My conclusion is that:
. the charts of people in group disasters are subject to the circumstances (disaster comes from 'des astres' = from the stars and that is outside our competence and reach)
. if characters don't matter, charts don't either
. the charts of victims only help when there is a chance and a choice
. charts of victims can work against the chances of survival in times of war and disaster
. there might be a connection between the chart of the anonymous victim and a group killer's chart, even if they didn't know each other. 
But it doesn't help anyone survive if they know this (just like it doesn't help them to find the reason afterwards) any study would just be 'for the records'. To me it is a confirmation of what I think: that you can't read charts without knowing the personal, environmental, social and political situation and circumstances. They matter. And ofen, they matter more. Like in a group disaster.

Here is an example of a personal chart that helped to survive. Climbers were in trouble and the climber who was rescued and survived happened to have transits of Jupiter on that day:

An individual football player can score and have a good day when his team loses the game, can he? And the team can have a great day and win, while the individual couldn't catch the ball (and the coach noted it). But in the end, the individual's position will be subject to the position of the team, unless he leaves the team. That is what makes it hard to predict the results of a match (though I tried, see the label 'football' and ' EC').

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