Friday, August 24, 2012

Progressed chart, art and career (re Dali)

In my blog Art & Astrology I mentioned the chart of Salvador Dali. His chart is an example of the influencial progressed chart. The progressed chart is the chart for the xth day after birth, valid for the xth year after birth. The progressed chart tells us about the course of life, how we change, develop and get chances (or not). The birth chart gives the tools and the progressed chart shows the way. The progressed chart of Salvador Dali had Mercury conjunct Venus when the progressed Sun changed sign in 1929. His life changed when somebody came to teach him how to draw!

The chart of Salvador Dali made me think about finding the best profession for a person at a certain age. Because people develope and change and some of us change late. Maybe too late to make a fresh new start, but sometimes the change was more gradual and only adding experience or a new style. Salvador Dali was thought how to draw and he had basic talents. He had the right stimulating teacher, he was encouraged into the right direction and trained to get skilled. And later he went to the right place to be part of the 'scene'.

In the earlier post about Obama's progressed chart you can see how his chart in progression shows the statesman that is not that obvious in the natal chart. In fact, you can WATCH Obama grow into the position of President each day. On the other hand, some potential that originaly existed at birth might have vanished through the years, of course.

People grow, people get educated and change and at a certain point in life they are READY and fit for the job they were ment for. Salvador Dali's initial artistic talents were illustrated by Venus end dispositor of the Midheaven in Taurus, sextile Neptune and that was all. But when a friend of his father started educating him and teaching him to draw, in his progressed chart Mercury and Venus had come together for 'art classes' and his progressed Sun sign changed. So did his life!

When he went to Paris in 1929 his progressed MC changed sign to Taurus!

So again, the progressed chart is of importance and gives information about a person's goals and interests as they were influenced by others and by circumstances AFTER birth. Maybe your initial chart (the birth chart) is not enough to be what you wanted to be, but maybe your progressed chart adds just what you need. Be on the lookout for it!

You can read about Salvador Dali here...

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