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Mary Ann Nichols day of birth: Sun Uranus!

Mary Ann Nichols was a Virgo, born with Venus, Uranus and Sun without major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees. In her chart, Venus, Uranus and Sun were ' calling'. A calling Sun is the symbol if the ego, drawing attention somehow, anyhow. It is the sun of a Star, a leader or a VIP and sometimes of a person that we all know. Sun, Venus and Uranus... With a pleasant Ascendant and in our days she might have become a model. 

Unfortunately, she was a very very common working class , mother of 5, alcoholic and a prostitute sometimes, in the 19th century. That is how she drew the attention of Jack the Ripper. He murdered this Virgo on  August 31 1988. That was with transit Uranus conjunct her progressed Sun. She really had an extrordinary way to be in the spotlights... And as I may assume: involuntarily! 

The reason for this post is that she died 124 years ago and that her story is a good example of the double impact of a natal aspect being sort of repeated by transit and/or progression, especially when both of the objects involved are 'calling'. In this case and in her situation you could read this Sun biquintile Uranus/transit Uranus on Progressed Sun as a warning, a sort of an alarm bell ringing. Some sort of 'surprise' was about to happen and what never would have happened, became a reality: she was News (Uranus).

If she hadn't been an alcoholic, she wouldn't have left home and family to sell her body and she wouldn't have met her mysterious killer. What aspect can we blame for that, in a chart without hour of birth? I think of Mars conjunt Neptune and transit Neptune so close to a square with natal Sun, isolating her, making her weak enough to become a victim... I also think of the Moon, rising before the sun, indicating the importance of habits. There may be many more reasons in her individual chart with hour of birth. But in fact, the only way to be mentioned in history books, in her case, was not what she did when she lived, but how she died. And she died because she drew attention of the wrong kind of man. And that is one if the ways to translate a Uranus-Sun conflict. 

Mary Ann Nichols was born on August 26, 1845 in London.

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