Sunday, October 14, 2012

Armstrong, Tour de France en Uranus-Pluto

This blog is about doping, Armstrong and the Tour de France.  It is not the first time that I write about this subject (see the link below). There is a reason to write about this again. It is because of Lance Armstrong and because of Uranus-Pluto.  Time for a big change of the Tour?

I am supposed to be good at riding the bike, because of the fact that I was born in a country full of bikes. But I am not. I don't use my bike, unless it is beautiful weather without a breeze and in company of my husband who has to help me get over a dike (and even then I often simply have to step off and walk). I also don't like watching the Tour. In my eyes it is a superhuman effort and it is impossible to complete the Tour without using doping. It is a crazy challenge. But, some people think that it can be done with training, muscle power and the will to win. So be it. Maybe it can. One of the people who won, was Lance Armstrong.


Were we surprised that an average biker came back after cancer treatment and became the best of them all? The investigators were surprised and wanted to know more. The public considered him to be a hero and a living miracle. (We want to believe that miracles exist. We can, can't we?) That miracle and the idol are in the chart. It is in Jupiter conjunct Neptune, quintile Mars (trine Uranus).

Above is the chart of the day of his birth (time unknown) with today's transits and progressions.

Those are the tightest aspects of this chart. Visualize it!

Jupiter conjunct Neptune
Mars trine Uranus

The devoted public (Jupiter-Neptune) created (quintile) by a fast man (Mars-Uranus). 

People enjoyed watching him win. But now... 

In hard times the hard aspects in the chart sound louder. Now we see Mercury square Saturn (it takes time to give an answer...). And the bad side of Jupiter-Neptune becomes clear: you can cheat better with Jupiter-Neptune. It is pay back time (transit Pluto inconjunct Saturn) now that newspapers want the millions back that they payed him when they 'falsely' accused him. There is a lot of news, tension and controversy (transit Uranus inconjunct progressed Sun). And it is not the end, yet. Progressed Sun is getting closer to a quincunx with Saturn. That is one of the hardest aspects to deal with! It is about losing status and condition. It is about falling hard (a real fall or a fall from a pedestal). It is also about having to deal with the facts of life.  

The natal chart with Sun conjunct, and Mars sesqui square Pluto tells us about a strong drive to win. And yes, that is why...When Lance Armstrong came back after cancer treatment, transit Jupiter was inconjunct his progressed Sun and that is what I call 'the negative positive' aspect. Jupiter is always there in the stories about doping and it might not be coincidence that Jupiter is the symbol of coaches and doctors, too. They 'helped'  the men win and they never joined forces to make an end to the crazy demands. But it might be time for a change right now! 


Here is the chart of the very first Tour de France. I took 12:40 for starting time, just like in one of the later Tours de France. And see: the Uranus-Pluto square hits the Sun of the first Tour de France. This sun is in the 9th degree of Cancer. Both Uranus and Pluto (the duo of dramatic change) are in hard aspect with that degree. Early December will be the final opposition of transit Pluto and end of March 2013 you see transit Uranus square that degree. It is time for a revolutionary change! Starting with the "parcours"? Above is the picture (thanks Wikipedia!) of how they climb up Alpe d'Huez. 

Watch Mars quintie Uranus in the Tour's chart! Mars-Uranus really belongs to the Tour.


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babs said...

When you look at Lance's natal chart, he also has Venus sextile Neptune, Sun sextile Neptune, Saturn oppose Neptune, Mercury square Neptune, and Neptune rising! That's lot of Neptune. Neptune is about transcendence, but sometimes its done in a negative way through drugs, and so yes, doping is a definite possibility with this chart. It doesn't prove he did it however, but it does show that he has to deal with Neptunian energies, and drugs are one way to do it. Saturn opposes that Neptune, so its like the discipline and hard work that Saturn demands is being opposed by that Neptune Jupiter that wants an easier way out, and wants to be bigger and better than everyone else.

Astromarkt said...

Hi Babs! Do you know the hour of birth and or rising sign of Armstrong? (you mention Neptune rising?)

babs said...

Lance's birthtime is Sept 18, 1971 11:55am Plano, Texas. CDT +5 He has 24 Scorp rising

Anonymous said...

Lance is known for being an arrogant man, and maybe his Jupiter Neptune conjunction sextile his Sun gives him a God complex. That's why he's not taking responsibility for his actions....he feels he's better than everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Check out Anderson Cooper's interview with Lance's teammate and the responses. So many people say Lance is a known bully!

Astromarkt said...

11:55 gives Pholus opposition Midheaven: turning points on career and status. Sounds good;).