Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mars-Mars synastry

When - in a relationship - Mars is in conflict with the partner's Mars, you might expect fire. When there is fire, you might also get hurt.

Maybe that is why there are so many examples of conflicts of Mars in synastry in the charts of divorced couples.

 Let us say that when there is a Mars-Mars synastry, there is at least smoke and often fire, and even more often: sex (as an issue of importance). Fact is that this fire can cause arguments and even fights.

In not romantic relationships Mars-Mars synastry mirrors either cooperation or competition. When Mars is conjunct Mars, you may expect joined drives to achieve a common goal. Their may be (sometimes stimulating) conflicts between you when Mars is in hard aspect with Mars, but an opposition might see you end up in a duel or you just split up, in the end.

Depending on the situation and on the other players in the synastry Mars will be the warming fire or the overheated fighter. It is up to us to keep it in control. To some of us, that is harder.

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