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Margareth Hone, a Libra astrologer

Margareth Hone was a well known British astrologer and a Libra, born on October 2, 1892. She was known as Peg Hone in the 50's of the 20th Century.
Margareth Hone helped founding The Faculty of Astrological Studies in 1948. She worked with the important British astrologers of her days. What Libra can do for astrology, is finding allies and seeking balance working together and finding diplomatic ways to communicate the meaning of the chart.
She helped to found the UK Astrological Association. She wrote "The Modern Text Book of Astrology".

This is her chart. The transits and progressions are for the day of her death (see Progressed Sun inconjunct Progressed MC and transit Neptune - ruler 8th house of life and death - square Ascendant).

Most astrologers have a Jupiter-Uranus connection in their charts. It is different and not so obvious in the chart of Margareth Hone. Venus is in aspect with both Jupiter (trine) and Uranus (quintile). The Aquarian Moon (ruled by Uranus) is in minor aspect with Jupiter (67.5 degrees, a half sesquisquare).

Her prominent placements included the Mercury-Saturn conjunction rising before the Sun and the Venus-Chiron conjunction with the Ascendant. I'd say that this Mercury-Saturn points at the importance of science (and ambition to write or give instructions). There is a big trine between Sun, Moon and Neptune-Pluto in the 10th house. Neptune and Pluto are the planets of mystery and the ' supernatural' or say: spiritual. Maybe she was highly sensitive? (Was she involved in theosophy, like Carter?)
The elevated Vesta tells us about dedication, above all.

Charles E.O. Carter appreciated her work. This famous astrologer knew Margareth Hone. Astrology (IMO) is symbolized by Jupiter-Uranus. The Jupiter-Uranus connection can be found in the synastry of the charts of Margareth Hone and Charles E.O. Carter.

  •  Her Jupiter is trine his Midheaven (in aspect with his Jupiter/Uranus midpoint). 
  • His Uranus is trine her Moon. 
As you may notice, Jupiter and Uranus are prominent in the chart of Carter. Jupiter rises before the Sun and Uranus is conjunct Ascendant. Jupiter is half semi square Uranus. Maybe that prominence tells us how important astrology was for Carter. This is his chart

The picture above is Jacob Jordaens idea of Libra (17th Century), found on Wikipedia.

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