Thursday, October 25, 2012

Juno and the engagement of Princess Madeleine

Princess Madeleine of Sweden is engaged, again (Daily News reports: ). Juno is on her Progressed Ascendant now.

In 2010 her long time relationship with fiancé Jonas ended. I blogged about that moment (here is the link) and showed you that there was a complicated composition of sad transits and progressions with one exception: JUPITER
Jupiter is the symbol of traveling, having success or being supported. Jupiter is a positive sign and often indicates the bright side in a bad situation.  Transit Jupiter was opposition her Midheaven and so she went to the USA. That is where she met Christopher O'Neill. Happy again! 

I studied the chart, progressions and transits and found an interesting transit of Juno (symbol of marriage) exactly at the progressed Ascendant (horizon…). Marriage IS on the horizon when you get engaged. Juno, in mythology, is Jupiter's wife. 

Does Juno reflect Mr or Mrs Right, I asked myself in an earlier blog. I mentioned a few examples and one of those was... myself. Juno is important in my chart. She rises before the Sun and that is a prominent position. I am married, yes, since many many years. Juno was square my Moon and trine my Ascendant when I first met him. But in December 1977 transit Juno was on my Sun/MC when I moved (we moved closer to my family in law). And on other occasions I can't remember what happened. It would be dramatic if transit Juno  indicated 'Mr. Right' every time. That is because Juno moves quickly. Every 4 to 5 years transit Juno is conjunct my Sun and MC, for example. She will be conjunct my Sun and MC on November 20/21 2012 and that is very very soon....!!! 

My conclusion was that it takes more than a transit of Juno to meet Mr. Right, but IF you make an announcement or IF you have an important moment regarding marriage, watch Juno. She might be there...

(If anything important happens, I will let you know...)

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