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The King in the chart of Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

The chart of the new King of the Netherlands has some interesting indications for his present position.  Charts don't make kings. But:
- Sun/Moon midpoint, for example, is conjunct the royal star Regulus.
- Midheaven is in Leo.
- Saturn doesn't make any major aspect in sign or orb 5 degrees. This Saturn is 'calling' for duty and responsibility and management.
- The Sun is on the Descendant, in a crucial position. The importance of the Sun refers to leadership. And he is also a true member of the family: he has this important Sun binovile the elevated Jupiter. Jupiter's color is orange:). Most members of the family have a Sun-Jupiter combination. It is the aspect of the privileged person with lots of self confidence.
So for some reason he was equipped to do the job.

Here is the chart with transits and progressions for last April 30, the day that he became king.

On the day that he started the new period in life, there were indications of change.
1. The most exact aspect is the progressed Mars quatronovile natal Sun, a sort of a statement of rejoicing the job.
2. Transit Saturn conjunct the Ascendant usually isn't seen as a nice aspect. There is a heavy load to carry and it might just have been that robe;). As Saturn is 'calling' in the natal chart, this transit is indicating a moment of 'coming out' for ambitions. He was under scrutiny but as the day was a perfectly organized day and he didn't make mistakes (on the contrary), this transit of Saturn was like the present that Saturn gives when he leaves a house (the 12th, in this case).
3. The change is visualized by means of Uranus (symbol of change) and Pholus (symbol of a turning point). There are 4 aspects:
a. Transit Uranus trine Progressed Ascendant and on his way to an aspect with Midheaven, soon.
b. Transit Pholus is trine Midheaven and opposite the Sun.
There is clearly a turning point and change in life style, position and … name.

How long will you be king, asked his daughter. With Saturn sesquisquare Midheaven we may expect that he steps back, just like his mother did for him. But not now...:)

Queen Maxima is one of the most popular members in the family. More on her chart:

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