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Fiery car accidents and charts, re Michael Hastings and Dick van Dyke

On special request I pay attention to the chart of Michael Mahon Hasting, born January 28, 1980. He died in a fiery single car accident in LA, on June 18, 2013, only 33 years old. There are questions around that accident, that astrology can't answer. Here is what the charts of Michael Hasting and Dick van Dyke tell us about fiery car accidents..

Michael Hastings was a reporter.  He worked during the war in Iraq, where he lost his fiancé in 2007. He wrote a book about that (title: I lost my love in Baghdad, a modern war story).  I noticed some correspondence in the horoscopes of the day when he lost his love and the day that he lost his life.

Here is the chart of the moment of the crash (around 4:30 am) and here is the link to the video on YouTube, from a surveillance camera.

In green you see the positions of the day of birth of Michael Hastings. There is no hour of birth, so this story could be completed with transits and progressions of the Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven. Nevertheless, there are indications for what happened in his life, or rather: for what his chart did when there were important events in his life and when he died.
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A reporter in a war zone is a special person. In the natal chart the Sun is quintile Uranus, biquintile Mars and inconjunct the ' calling' Jupiter (for the international and the importance of travel, at any possible level, including horse power). Mercury is also 'calling'. Mercury + Jupiter increases communications and transportations. He travelled and wrote a lot.

The quintiles and biquintiles and especially the quintile between Mars and Uranus tell us about the creative short fuse, and creative acceleration of speed. The inconjunct  of Sun and Jupiter warn for the negative side of success and horse power. On the day of the fatal crash, the Sun was conjunct Jupiter.  Read about 'resonance': transits and progressions like in the natal chart, are more important.

When using (Mars) machinery or techniques (Uranus) there is always the risk of accidents. I read that he had a computer controlled car. Maybe something was wrong with the engine. Mars-Uranus also happens to be the symbol of explosions. This aspect combination in your chart warns you for speed, fire and getting hurt in general.*)

I read in the article on the NY Times, that he lost his fiancé, who was born on a June 16, on January 17, 2007. Progressed Mercury inconjunct Pluto and Neptune with transit Saturn quindecile Sun to accompany this. He shared a Mars quintile Uranus aspect with her (creative short fuse, taking risks).
There is a lot of sadness, fear, bad luck and Saturn in that moment.

1. The moment of the crash (see chart above)
The Ascendant of the moment of the crash is square Hastings Jupiter. Transit Midheaven quindecile his Mars represents the accident, hurting him.

a. In the day before his death, transit Sun was conjunct his Saturn. It was the night of the day after the birthday of Andrea Parhamovich, his late fiancé. Maybe he thought of her, then.
b. There is another coincidence: the Sun of the day of the accident is exactly opposition the Pluto of the day of the death of his fiancé, Andrea Parhamovich.

There are 4 progressions, all with Saturn:
3. There is a progressed inconjunct between Venus and Saturn.  It is an aspect that often reflects depression with a loss involved. The importance of this progression depends on the angular or not position of Saturn or Venus in the natal or progressed chart.

4. There is a double Pholus-Saturn Progression: P Saturn opposition Pholus and Progressed Pholus opposition Saturn. How to define Saturn-Pholus? I'd say that it mirrors a depressing turning point, reaching a nasty point of no return. The importance of this progression depends on the angular or not position of Saturn or Pholus in the natal or progressed chart.

5. I already mentioned Sun-Jupiter in the chart of the crash and Sun inconjunct Jupiter in the natal chart of Michael Hasting.

6. Last but not least: Progressed Sun quindecile (165d) Saturn. Saturn sometimes ends.  A quindecile reflects a strong focus or even obsession. The combination mirrors a strong focus on the nasty sides of life. 

All in all there is no sign of success or happy times in the progressed chart.  The days around the accident weren't lucky days, either (Sun-Saturn, Sun-Jupiter). It might be that his Midheaven and Ascendant or P Moon had significant aspect, but without hour of birth that remains a mystery.

There are conspiracy theories around the death of Michael Hastings (see: ) because he wrote an email saying that he needed to go 'of radar' for a while. 
The family says that they have no reason to have doubts about a sad accident.
And we only know what we are told and we only see the outside. Why he was on the road riding fast at this time of the night, nobody knows and nobody likes to talk about it. 

Astrologers aren't detectives.
Astrology is no tool to tell right from wrong, point fingers or give an answer about causes of death. Even not, when there is an hour of birth. That is because charts should be seen in the light of gender, genes, situations and cultures. Numbers of people were born on the same day as Michael Hastings.

They didn't die this way. They are even alive and kicking right now.

The circumstances of the death of Michael Hastings raise questions, apparently, and what has been made public doesn't seem to satisfy a lot of people. There remain questions... Can cars catch fire so easily? They can, think of that long vehicle in LA -caused by a mechanical problem-and of the recent fire in the car of Dick van Dyke -see video- the other day!

Here is the chart of his day of birth with transits and progressions for the day of the burning car. Watch the progressed Sun-Mars reciprocal aspects, T Uranus-Venus and P Mars-Uranus (resonating Mars trine Uranus in the natal chart). Dick van Dyke (87) didn't die. Michael Hasting (33) died.

It is hard to believe it, when young people die. Recently there was a hoax about Princess Diana (see post on chart and accident) being murdered by 'the army', maybe just to pay attention to the movie that is about to be released.

Could the accident of Michael Hastings indeed be an accident, just like the accident of Dick van Dyke was? The family and the officials say it was an accident. If it was not, this chart of his day of birth doesn't say it.

*) I have Mars quatronovile Uranus and I love speedy cars:)


On August 19 a car catched fire after crashing (against a tree).


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