Sunday, August 11, 2013

Maduro, Venus-Neptune-Pluto and Chavez

He sleeps in the mausoleum of Chavez, he beliefs that Chavez comes to him in the shape of a little bird...
The President of Venezuela remains close to Chavez, even after death (see news: )

It is a Venus, Neptune, Pluto thing... 
Maduro is an ideologist who has Venus conjunct Neptune, both sextile Pluto. I found that aspect combinations and midpoint combinations generally tell the same story. I'd read a Venus-Neptune-Pluto combination like secret love, intense romance and idealistic values. That combination can lead to all kind of things in practice. One of the possible ways is to have a spiritual love*).

It is not surprising that the way that he 'communicates' with the dead Chavez is a topic in the news today. Transit Uranus is inconjunct Maduro's Pluto and that means a whole lot of (unbalanced) turbulence. As the progressed chart has Sun inconjunct Mars this year ' being assertive' is an issue, with problems involved (see on Progressed Mars...).
In COSI Ebertin says about Neptune/Pluto with Venus: "...loyalty in spirit to those who have passed away, ....mysticism".

Neptune and Pluto, the combination of the silent force

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