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Domenico Dolce (September 13, 1958) and Stefano Gabbana (November 14, 1962, Milano) are suspected of attempt to fraude. They should have tried to avoid to pay over 260 million euro's taxes. They are among the richest Italians and officially earned 29 million euro in 2005. The Italian justice is busy investigating.

Domenico and Stefano established Dolce & Gabbana in 1989. Transit Jupiter was square MC and trine progressed MC of Dolce. Transit Jupiter was opposition progressed MC of Gabbana and square his natal MC. Jupiter is the symbol of growth, progress and successes. And they made it.

Stefano Gabbana was born on a 'creative day' with Venus, Mercury and Neptune rising before the Sun to indicate the possible artistic talents. The Moon (fashion!) did not make major aspects in sign and was calling! So was Saturn, the symbol of administration and managing. Mars is semi square Aries Point for the entrepeneur. So that he eventually managed a fashion company.

Fifty percent of his placements are in watersigns and none in capital signs. He must be very sensible for the latest ideas and needs of the people.

Today, transit Pluto is sesquisquare this prominent Mars and Uranus is trine the Sun. Transit Uranus is conjunct Solar Arc Saturn and inconjunct Solar Arc Uranus: the combination of limited freedom and independance.

Domenico Dolce also has Venus and Mercury rising before the Sun, but instead of Neptune, Pluto is rising with them. Money first? Venus trine Pluto and sextile Jupiter and Neptune symbolises gaining and earning money, profit etc. Mars does not make major aspects in sign, so Mars is calling! Look at Sun square Saturn for the limitations that he felt and see the 60% placements in earth, with no placements in airsigns. It points at materialism, realism, production and sometimes it must have been hard to reason with Dolce. Communicating was important as a theme in his life.

Now today transit Uranus is square his progressed Sun and Saturn (for the limitations of freedom) and Pluto sesquisquare progressed Uranus sometimes points at an arrest.

They used to live together, but seperated. Domenico Dolce's Uranus is conjunct Gabbana's Mars. His Sun is sesquisquare Gabbana's Saturn, who's Uranus is conjunct Dolce's Venus. They must be a stimulating couple.

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