Wednesday, May 28, 2008

and the disadvantages of passion in his chart

On October 19 oktober 2005 I wrote about CHRISTIANO RONALDO, born February 5, 1985 on the island of Madeira. At that time he was arrested for supposedly rape (during Transit Uranus conjunct progressed Sun and right after transit Neptune conjunct natal Sun and coming back...). This time Ronaldo is a 'hot item'again. His voluminous and 'exhausting' girl friend is being blamed for the lack of conditon of Ronaldo, who missed a penalty recently.

Transit Saturn is right now inconjunct his Venus AND Mars. You might read that as 'disadvantage - Saturn - of passion - Venus and Mars -'. Also transit Mars is inconjunct his progressed Sun. And that explains. Mars is the planet of sports and energy. And the way he lives (Sun) is not in balance with Mars.

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