Tuesday, May 27, 2008

29th May 1917, Kennedy born

On May 29 1917 at about15 hour EST John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline. He had a calling Sun (leadership), a calling Saturn (management, ambition), a calling Neptune (ideals and belief) and a calling Pluto (money, power and politics). Jupiter was oriental in his chart for the international.

In the combination of those most prominent planets you can see the progress (Sun, Jupiter and Pluto), the hard political confrontations (Sun, Saturn and Pluto), his addicition (Sun, Saturn and Neptune) and the fact that he was an idol (Sun, Jupiter and Neptune). Of all those, Saturn is the most prominent planet (conjunct the MC).

Kennedy died. He was murdered in the year that his wife Jackie lost her baby Patrick in August 1963. She went to Greece to shop and cruise and met Onassis. General de Gaulle once accused Aristoteles Onassis of being the man behind the murder of Kennedy. And it is indeed strange to see that the midpoint Mars/Saturn (=death) of Onassis (born January 15 1906) is tightly conjunct the Sun of Kennedy. And even stranger that the Pluto of Onassis is tightly conjunct the progressed Mars of Kennedy on the very day of the murder! Coincidence? It might just be so...

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