Monday, November 17, 2008

Chart of day of birth Mikel Gorikoitz Aspiazu Rubina

Mars-Uranus combinations are useful tools in the hands of people who are in a hurry to make changes and 'get on with it'. Sometimes the impatience causes accidents. In the article about Mars-Uranus (see link below) I mention examples of terrorists with this combination of planets highlighted in their charts. It is an aspect that shows the potential (not the need!*) of a hot temper and and explosive nature. Sometimes even real explosives are being used, like in the case Mikel Gorikoitz Aspiazu Rubina, who was arrested today. He is an important leader of ETA (a terrorist Basque organization). In his natal chart the Sun is square Mars and Uranus and conjunct the midpoint Mars/Uranus (i.e. Sun is right in between Mars and Uranus). Above you see the chart of the day of his birth at noon (there is no HOB available).

Often in times of arrests (when life is immediately changing in a dramatic way) we see a combination of transits of Uranus and Pluto, the symbols of change. So it is in this case. (More examples: click the labels below). We see transit Uranus with Sun and Uranus. And we see transit Pluto with Sun, Mercury and Mars.

Uranus is now in the 19th degree of Pisces. That is inconjunct his natal Uranus and inconjunct his progressed Sun (losing - inconjunction - independence - Uranus -).
Transit Pluto in the final degree of Sagittarius is now inconjunct his progressed Mercury and trine his progressed Mars. In the progressed chart Mercury is square Mars for 'sharp' discussions and (apperently) interrogations. Transit Pluto is also quindecile his natal Sun.

Here you see his chart (a free product), transits and progressions. Notice that transit Saturn is conjunct progressed Venus (separation). He was with his wife in France when he was arrested.

Mars in aspect with Uranus, with links to more examples

See Wikipedia for information about ETA

Death of Reyes (FARC) and Mars-Uranus in HIS chart

*) On the same day Giorgi Kinkladze, a Georgian football (soccer) plaer was born

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