Sunday, November 16, 2008

Day of birth of Valerie Jarrett

The present Saturn-Uranus-theme keeps coming back again and again in the life of Barack Obama, who has Saturn inconjunct Uranus in his natal chart. On Election Day, Saturn was opposition Uranus. Now Obama selected Valerie Jarrett as his prime adviser. One of Valerie Jarrett's tightest aspect is Saturn trine Uranus. That might be good news. She might be able to be the bridge between the old and the new and support Barack Obama at the point where he (with this quincunx) tends to 'try to hold on to old concepts, desperately'(as astrologyweekly describes the effect of Saturn inconjunct Uranus). With the appointment of Valerie Jarrett as senior adviser of the president-elect, we might start thinking that Saturn-Uranus means 'old' (Saturn) friends (Uranus).

I find it interesting however, that her Mars in the 21st of Pisces is opposition Obama's Mars in the 23rd of Pisces. I read that they are old friends but working together in a certain hierarchy might be different than friendship. Mars is the planet of work. Mars is also the planet of energies and conflicts. The opposition of their Mars might be stimulating competition. I have seen this effect in marriages and in sports. I am curious how the opposition will manifest in this case.

At present, there are difficult transits with the natal positions of Jarrett. Saturn opposition Mars, Mars square Pluto, Pluto trine Pluto...we see a combination of hard political struggle and to some this sort of a combination even means danger. Neptune is square her Sun right now and most of the time this means a bad press or being seen in a negative light. It doesn't correspond to her rise to a top position in Obama's 'household' today. So an hour of birth would be appreciated!:) On the other hand, those transits might refer to being tired AFTER a long period of hard working. It would not surprise me.

Valerie Jarrett is an idealistic believer (Neptune oriental), full of enterprise (Sun trine Mars) and with the need to be number one (Moon in Aries). Without HOB it is hard to see what's crucial in her life. The fact that her family was already at a certain social level together probably was of help, too. I read that she is very loyal and discrete. Sun Mercury and the oriental Neptune in Scorpio are illustrative for the 'silent force' of Neptune/Pluto-combinations (see link below to more about that combination).

For a possible divorce or not getting married at all there are 4 key indications. Jarrett, who was married for only 5 years, has 2 out of 4 of those aspects indicating difficult relationships in the chart of a woman: Sun-Uranus and Mars-Saturn. The other two are, btw, Sun-Mars and Venus-Uranus.

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Before Jarrett, Karl Rove had this position of senior adviser. Click to see his chart.

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