Monday, November 3, 2008

Was it worth it?
Pluto inconjunct Venus: NO
Was it fun?
Venus square Uranus: eh...exciting

This post is about the money axis, love and money, the price you pay for love and the value of love and money. In other words: Pluto and Venus in a love affair. In this case, there was no balance in the price and the value.

A lady born on April 28, 1962 has relational problems today. She has transit Pluto inconjunct Venus. An inconjunct shows a misbalance. Venus-Pluto is the financial axis. So there is a misbalance in the wallet. There is another possible explanation of the combination and that is a distorted problem in a relationship. She also has transit Ceres square Venus, a conflict between inheritence and love/value. In fact: she paid too much for love. Her lover made her pay.

When the lady was born there were these tight aspects (within 1,5 degree of orb):

Sun sextile Jupiter
Sun trine Pluto
Jupiter opposition Pluto
Mars ('calling' and rising before the Sun) inconjunct Pluto and semi sextile Jupiter
Mercury semi square Mars

The rich married lady had an Italian 'lover', a gigolo who eventually made her pay too much. She loves surprises (Venus square Uranus). Why not. But... with Transit Pluto inconjunct Venus she had to 'pay the price of love'. A gigolo tried to blackmail her, using photographic material.

Transit Neptune is now square Mercury and semi square Mars, activating discussions in a negative way (she is being discussed). Pluto inconjunct her Venus tells us about the money lost (inconjunct) and the painful experience in love..

Firework in the rollercoaster...Venus and Uranus
Read about Venus and Pluto on my site Astromarkt. Most of the time, believe me, with transits of Venus and Pluto the pain is felt in the wallet most and sometimes, yes, it is worth it.

The inconjunction of Mars and Pluto with the Sun trine Pluto is the other way around in the chart of Elisabeth Fritzl (who has Sun inconjunct Pluto and Mars trine Pluto). Unbalanced use and abuse of power, money and sexuality, perhaps (as a woman) as a victim with a strong will to win versus an unbalanced self esteem with a strong drive to win. The woman of this story is rich, free and powerfull enough to defend herself, though she may have lost money (she spent millions on the Italian gigolo who claimed to be a victim of the mafia in need of money). Elisabeth Fritzl was young, dependant and without power to defend herself (but she did in the end). She lost part of her life and her health.

The combination of Sun and Mars with Pluto also reminds me of the chart of Sachs in 'Manuelgate'. Read more about the inconjuntion with Pluto in the post about Elisabeth Fritzl.

*) As an 'excuse' the gigolo said that her ancestors became wealthy in Nazi-time.

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