Friday, November 21, 2008

The Pluto-Uranus inconjunction in Mukasey's chart

On July 28, 1941 in the Bronx, Michael Mukasey was born. He grew up to be the USA Minister of Justice. Today he suddenly collapsed. I don't have his hour of birth, that might give more detailed information. Nevertheless there are a few indications for a sudden change and shock (with Uranus as the symbol reflecting the situation):

Solar Arc Uranus conjunct Sun this year
Transit Sun opposition Uranus and progressed Saturn
Transit Pluto inconjunct Uranus

With this combination of transits - at a certain age and in certain situations - Pluto and Uranus might reflect a dangerous or dramatic change (Pluto+Uranus) on a day with sudden disadvantages (Solar transits) in a life changing year (Uranus-Sun SA)

Given his natal chart, Mukasey is first of all a fanatic and strategic politician (Pluto for power is rising before his Sun) and diplomate (Venus is not making aspects in sign and is 'calling'). Mars sextile Jupiter is his tightest aspect and that refers to making progress in life.

For more about the daily transit of the Sun, read this....

PS: He left the hospital, where they could not find anything else but exhaustion as the cause for fainting.

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