Wednesday, July 17, 2013

One more Cancer astrologer

I know Adrian Duncan as the author of World of Wisdom, a program that I bought many years ago, also for the colorful chart drawings. Unfortunately, I use Apple products now, so that I can't show you a chart with these colors.

Here is something on the astrology in his chart for 11:46 on a Sunday July 17, 1949 in York, England (by Astrodatabank). I am glad to see a Jupiter-Uranus combination in this chart again, because IMO that most astrologers have that. It is in the chart of Adrian Duncan like this:

1. Uranus is conjunct MC (a prominent position). Jupiter is in minor aspect with Midheaven (157.5 d = half semi square + sesquisquare). MC with Jupiter and Uranus is one of the indications for having a helicopter view just like astronauts, some popes and many astrologers.

2. Jupiter is opposition Sun and Sun is half semi square (a 22.5d aspect) Uranus. Here we have the Sun-Jupiter-Uranus mixture!

3. Moon is opposite midpoint Jupiter/Uranus: good intuition, says Reinhold Ebertin in his famous book Combination of Stellar Influences (COSI). That is a third Jupiter-Uranus combination!

Three times ought to be enough. But there is more:
4. Uranus is the most important planet in the chart. Uranus is elevated, conjunct MC, and rising before Sun and Mercury. Uranus is the planet of techniques. As Jupiter has a special position in the planet pattern of the chart. Having an important Jupiter + Uranus contributes to the pattern that suits an astrologer.

It is his birthday now. Here is the chart with progressions and transits.

Transits: Jupiter (trine MC), Saturn (trine MC), Neptune (trine MC), Vesta (inconjunct IC) and Pholus (quindecile MC) are in tight minor and major aspect with his Midheaven. In the progressed chart the Sun is almost exactly trine Pholus.
Such a lot of transits with the meridian, together with Pholus could mean that a change is being prepared or made. Perhaps a domestic change, perhaps in the professional field. I bet that he knows best what it means!:)

Adrian Ross Duncan about his career on WOW

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