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Sun Saturn synastry and the inconjunct

I have blogged and written articles about Venus-Saturn (link) and Mars-Saturn synastry (start here if you are interested). Now how and what about Sun -Saturn synastry? I have already given some examples of Sun-Saturn relationships on this blog Astropost and on my other blog, Astrology&Love. I like to mention these:

1. Dominique Strauss Khan
His Saturn was inconjunct the Progressed Sun of mrs. Diallo at the time of his stay in the hotel where she worked. (see: )
" Such Sun-Saturn is apparently about being blamed or accused and facing responsibility."

2. King Juan Carlos
His Saturn is square his wife Sophie's natal Sun. They didn't celebrate there wedding day after the public came to know about his affaires:

3. Bill Clinton
His Saturn square the Sun of Hillary Clinton and we all know what happened. They are still officially married:

4. Barack Obama's Saturn is conjunct his wife's Sun:

On 3+4: What do these presidential couples share?
Read it here:

5. Saturn of Danny DeVito is opposition the Sun of Rhea Pearlman ( )

6. Michael Jackson's and Conrad Murray's Progressed Suns were both conjunct the Saturn of his doctor at the time of his death.
On Conrad Murray, Saturn and Michael Jackson:


In 'Astrological' question marks are oppositions; guilt or responsibility is symbolised by Saturn (Roman God of time). Medications (and drugs) are related to Neptune.
Now watch how Saturn is involved in this. Dr. Murray has a difficult progression with Saturn. His progressed Sun and the progressed Sun of Michael Jackson reached the point of the doctor's Saturn in this year. Is that coincidence? Or does it mean that there was a starring role for Michael Jackson in the bad times for Dr. Murray? 


Sun inconjunct Saturn is one of the hardest aspects to deal with. It always takes more than just one aspect and charts should always be seen as a whole, related to circumstances, gender, genes and history or culture, but still I find it a difficult aspect.

In the natal chart the Sun inconjunct Saturn is often mirroring a defect, an inability or 'bad luck'.  Use the label inconjunct Saturn to find examples of that.
Transits of Saturn inconjunct Sun and progressions of the Sun inconjunct Saturn sort of makes way to criticism and places you in the position of the 'lame duck'.

A recent example is the Belgian king to be Philip, who will have a hard time to convince the people that he CAN be a king. I wrote about his chart some days ago:

A tragic example of Sun inconjunct Saturn between two persons, is the synastry of George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin.

The Sun of George Zimmerman (October 5, 1983: it is his Saturn return now) is inconjunct the natal Saturn of Trayvon Martin (February 5, 1995). George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin and ended his life. Not all encounters of Sun-Saturn quincunxes end in such a drama, of course.  If Zimmerman hadn't carried a gun, it hadn't happened at all. The symbol of a gun is Mars.

Mars is the symbol of fire, weapons and injuries.
On February 26, 2012 transit Mars was inconjunct the natal Sun of Trayvon Martin.
On February 26, 2012 the progressed Sun of Trayvon Martin was opposition the natal Mars of George Zimmerman.
It is as if there was a conspiracy of the stars to bring those men close together with a weapon at reach. Even without hours of birth and more transits and progressions to consider, it is obvious that Mars (aggression, weapons, injuries) was an issue between the men at that time and moment.

PS one more example:
Saturn of Joran van der Sloot sesquisquare the Sun of Stephany Flores, his victim (

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