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The difficult decision - Transit Pluto conjunct Mercury

Pluto is the symbol of intensity, challenges, problems and value. Mercury is about thinking, deciding, communications and transport. I like to tell you about a personal experience related to Pluto conjunct Mercury. On this blog I mentioned what happened with transit Pluto square my Mercury:

" Transit Pluto with Mercury transforms opinions and ideas. You might test your ideas about (for example) your political party during this period. The result might be that you decide to leave the party. The result might also be that the evalution of ideas intensifies your opinions (and the way that you communicate about them). You might also be studying hard in this period. I had this transit when I seriously studied astrology for the first time. "

On July 16, when I had transit Pluto exactly conjunct Mercury (along with many other transits) and I had two important appointments:
- one with my doctor (one that I could not reschedule) and
- one with my manager (on a moment of my choice).
I sort of manipulated the stars because of all these EXACT  transits and progressions. I decided to make a difficult decision on the day that I had the results of a yearly medical test with difficult transits. It was a go or no go moment. A good test result would lead to an important step. Guess what kind of difficult decision I made with this list. The answer is in mirror writing below.

1. Transit Pluto (ruler 8 in 6, transit in 11)) exactly conjunct natal Mercury (in 11th house, ruler 4 and 7)
(See the post on transits of Pluto: : intensified mental activity )

2. Transit Saturn (in 8th house, natal ruler 11/12 in 7) square progressed Mercury 
(More on Mercury-Saturn here: : this transit is about drawing conclusions and saying goodbye)

3. Transit Orcus on my natal Descendant
(See )
Contracts involved?

4. Transit Pallas (transit in 4, natal in 10) opposition natal Venus (in 10)
Patterns involved?

5. Progressed Mercury is semi square natal Sun and a bit wider semi square Midheaven
Mercury in natal 11 (ruler 4 and 7), Sun in 10, ruler 6. Progressed Mercury is progressed ruler 1.

6. Transit Saturn exactly semi square natal Sun and a bit wider semi square Midheaven
(More on transits of Saturn with Sun here: )
Saturn transit in 8, natal in 7 ruler 11/12. Sun in natal 10, ruler 6

7. Transit Jupiter quindecile natal Midheaven soon after quindecile Sun
The quindecile refers to a strong focus or obsession. Jupiter is supposed to improve or make things better.
Jupiter is natal ruler 10 and 9 (and the co ruler of natal first house) and in the natal 12th. The transit Jupiter is in the 4th house.

8. Transit Jupiter inconjunct progressed Mercury
The inconjunct or quincunx mirrors 'something lost or given up'.

9. Transit Venus sextile progressed Ascendant
The sextile with the Ascendant is the trine with the Descendant, and all in all: a harmonious aspect with the horizon.

BESIDES, in 2013:
  • Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect with Sun/Moon midpoint (revolutionary change of motivation)
  • Pluto square MC in the solar return chart (change, transformation)
  • Neptune crossed my Ascendant and is 75d Sun and MC now (confusion)
  • Pholus is almost on my Sun and Midheaven again like last Xmas (shooting own foot? turning point in life and condition or career)
So, my decision was not just because of Pluto-Mercury...The number of transits and progressions indicate that something important happened. But maybe you experienced that transit Pluto conjunct Mercury always signals some kind of go or no go moment?

What happened when transit Pluto was conjunct, square, trine or opposition your Mercury?


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