Sunday, September 27, 2015

Libra and wrestler Stephanie McMahon's chart

The American female wrestler Stephanie McMahon is a Libra, with Moon (conjunct Pluto) and Mars in Libra, too. Her Mars is 'calling' (action at any possible level), just like Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Mars in Libra is the symbol of a fight for two, between equals. Het chart has an important Saturn, first rising outer planet before the Sun. This makes her first of all a business woman. Also, people with Saturn rising before the Sun tend to follow in the footsteps of the parents. Her father is the CEO of the World Wrestling Organization and that explains a lot. 
You can see the director screenplay in the chart by means of the 'calling' end dispositor of Midheaven, Mercury (writer), together with Neptune in aspect with the Libra Moon and Venus (the creative/artistic pattern). She writes stories for the wrestling theatre. If you want to see more examples of the pattern of artistic talents in a chart, go to my blog
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