Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Schengen Agreement: the astrological situation

I wondered: how is chart of the day of the implementation of the Schengen Agreement (that provided free traffic in the countries of the European Union) today, now that the borders are getting closed following the enormous numbers of immigrants trying to reach Germany. Here you see the chart of March 26, 1995 with transits and progressions of yesterday:
Transit Saturn is on the Ascendant, Chiron is on IC and transit Pluto is square progressed MC, inconjunct progressed Descendant. In other words: trouble. Also, the progressed Sun and Moon are getting closer and closer to a square with Neptune. Such a square means confusion and sometimes decay. Saturn will be trine the natal Sun in November, maybe creating a more stabile situation, though the stress and  pressure continues (Pluto still square Progressed MC).

Isn't it amazing that Saturn is opposition MC, Pluto on the Ascendant and Chiron on MC when Schengen became effective? The 'corner stones' of the chart (Saturn, Pluto and Chiron) are in aspect with the angles again. Transits and progression with Saturn, Pluto or Chiron happen to be very important because they are important in the natal chart, especially Saturn, because Saturn also rises before the Sun. This all marks an important period in 'Schengen's life'. Usually they don't mean easy times.

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