Wednesday, July 9, 2008

20th March 2012, with Sun at Zero Aries

Gene Ray wrote an article about the dawning of The Age of Aquarius: March 20, 2012. Click on the link with his name to find the calculation method using Regulus as a marking point.

Here you see the chart of that moment, the moment when the Sun is at 0.0 degrees Aries. You see the chart of that moment in Greenwich (above) and for the same suntime in New York (below). These charts are different, but some things are the same. And the Moon mayb not be in the seventh house on every place on earth, like in the song:), but yes: Jupiter aligns with Mars (Mars parallel Jupiter).

Mercury is in the middle of Sun and Uranus. The Moon is oriental (rising before the Sun) and conjunct Neptune. And the most interesting thing is, that there are NO close Ptolemeic aspects at that moment, not within a degree. There are only minor tight aspects; the one that is most tight is Chiron semi square Ceres (orb 2 minutes.
The tightest midpoint combination is: Sun 22.5 Jupiter/Uranus

I like that chart! It is the perfect chart for astrology and in a way pointing at the importance of this moment for a lot of astrologers all over the world. Jupiter/Uranus is the combination that I found in each astrologers' chart. Mercury/Uranus is another famous astrologers' combination. Chiron is frequently prominent in the charts of astrologers. So this chart is a real Age of Aquarius chart, I'd think:)

The Age of Aquarius, by Gene Ray

Read the study of Astrodatabank about the charts of astrologers

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