Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Today I read that Britney Spears spends about 14.000 euro in a month on diets and training. Beauty (Venus) has its price (Pluto) when you have Venus square Pluto, like Britney has.

On my site Astromarkt I published an article about Venus-Pluto ('The beauty and the beast'). Pluto often causes problems (and challenges) related to love, pleasures, beauty, preferences and realtionships. In the chart of Britney, the Venus - Pluto- square is very tight (within 1 degree of orb).Venus is the end dispositor of the MC-routing. This means that eing beautiful and estetics in general are part of the profession and the goals in life.

See: the article about Venus and Pluto combinations om my site Astromarkt.

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Anonymous said...


What does Britney chart say about her future regarding her career and ans her relashionship with her kids. Her life went downhill since breaking up with Justin i wish she could find a good match like him and settles down and finally be a mother to her kids.
Regarding Justin relashionship with Jessica Biel i wanted to ask if they have enough compatibility for a long lasting relashionship or marriage.

Astromarkt said...

Good question. I forgot to add the link to a former post of mine about Britney and Justin:


Astromarkt said...

Question 2 (match of Justin and Jessica): the lights (Sun and Moon) do not match. They share a Sun trine Jupiter (stimulating and supporting each other*), but they also share Mars afflicting Saturn (and that is an indication in a woman's chart for the end of a longlasting relationship with a man). It means that they share the issue of working hard together as long as possible. This aspect might indicate a lack of shared activities.

*)In my article about sharing aspects I write:
'Sun and Jupiter shared is a sign for shared progress in life. You both want to make life better and together you go for success. Even with the conflicting aspects you will probably succeed in it. You might be thinking you could do better….Both are tolerant and full of forgiveness and that helps to go on cheerfully and bright with supporting each other. "