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Elvis Presley was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo at 4u35 CST a.m. I understand much more about the man and his chart since I interprete charts using ‘prominent planets’. The most prominents in his chart are Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. Read and see for yourself what that means…Why now? Transit Jupiter is conjunct his Sun:)

Jupiter, dispositor of the ascendant, is the oriental planet (the planet that rises before the Sun)in the birth chart of Elvis Presley. Neptune is on top of this chart. These prominent planets make a small trine, together with the Sun. The aspect of Sun and Jupiter is the tightest aspect in the chart (apart from the Inconjunction of Saturn and Pluto). The Sun is square the midpoint Jupiter/Neptune.

The combination of Sun, Jupiter and Neptune points at succeeding in immaterial matters such as religion, media, and movies. A prominent Jupiter indicates the international (the traveller or publisher) and Neptune on top tells us that Elvis Presley was above all an artist and romantic/idealistic.

There are more clues for fame. In the midpoints (range of 22.5 degree etc.) I see at least 20 combinations for fame, among which Jupiter 157.5 Venus/Pluto and semi square Pluto/Ascendant. Other clues: Venus quintile Jupiter and opposition Pluto. In both cases the dispositor of the Ascendant (Jupiter, ruler 1) is involved.

At the moment that the world remembered that is was 30 years ago that he died, transit Jupiter was on his progressed MC for a positive reputation.

His musical activities can be traced back to:
Venus sesquisquare Neptune
Venus square Uranus.

That is not different from the charts of Dutch singers and international diva’s, I found. You can read about it (only in Dutch right now) starting here.

His Moon in Pisces does not make major aspects in sign or orb 5 degrees and I consider that to be a ‘calling’ Moon. The Moon is in the 3rd house of communications. This all indicates an urgent need to broadcast romantic messages at any level. THe Moon in Pisces suggests a desire to pretend...the big pretender (...).

Neptune’s square with the Ascendant confirms seclusion and being shy, as well as the wrong image of himself that he gave. Like actors do…

Now think of the combination of these three most prominent Moon, Jupiter and Neptune. I have written in my book Astro Trio that one of the possible interpretations of this combination is having success as an artist or female (Moon) believers, fans and followers (Jupiter-Neptune.

In 1953 Elvis recorded his first song and a year later his career as a singer started (he used to be a truck driver). In 1953 he had progressed Midheaven square Sun and semi sextiel Jupiter. In 1952 Uranus transited his Sun, and Jupiter followed in August 1953, when his song became a hit. Then his Ascendant changed sign, and so did his environment.

In the later years of his life Elvis Presley grew fat by eating bunch loads of bananas and peanut butter. And by using big amounts of medications, supplied by a ‘doctor’ who had his complete and naive trust. You know that Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio are good signs for obesities. Elvis had the Ascendant in Sagittarius, the ruler Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus (ruler 6) opposition Pluto and that calling Moon in Pisces for calling needs for abundance. A number of weaknesses lead him to an early death.

Priscilla Presley says she had a mostly platonic marriage, but nevertheless they had a baby together. It is obvious that the birth charts of Elvis and Priscilla (born May 24, 1945, 22h40 NY) did not match. Interesting is that in her chart Neptune is on top, just like in Elvis’s. So they shared something, they held romance, ideal and dream high. The couple also shared the aspect ‘Sun trine Neptune’, another indication for the importance of dreams, romance and …music. I guess that that is what brought them together. Elvis does not seem to have had other relationships with women.

He did have indications for divorce or for ‘never marrying a woman’. There are 4 of such indications in a male’s chart. They are: afflictions between Moon and Saturn or Neptune, Venus and Neptune or Mars and Uranus. Elvis had Mars quindecile Uranus and Venus sesquisquare Neptune. Minor indications, not immediately visible but they are present in his chart! Also having Mars in Libra is hardly pleasant in a marriage. They separated in 1972 when transit Saturn entered his seventh house. It seems that he had a ‘romantic’ idea once to kill Priscilla’s lover (Venus opposition Pluto: all or nothing in love…), but he did not do it. From that moment on Elvis star went down.

When he died we see this:

Progressive Sun altered sign
Transit Pluto (in his natal chart in the 8th house) is conjunct Mars
Transit Saturn inconjunct progressive Ascendant
Transit Neptune square progressed Neptune

In fact, he was ill a long time before. In 1975, transit Saturn was conjunct the Sun and the progressed Ascendant, while Jupiter was square Sun. In 1977 Jupiter was also square progressed Sun. Transit Neptunus in 1975/1976 crossed the Ascendant. In July of 1976 his father dismissed all of the personnel (progressed Mercurius conjunct Saturn and inconjunct Pluto) and his former staff wrote a book motioning all of his weaknesses.

Elvis Presley had Saturn inconjunct Pluto*) in the eight house of life and death. He was having a hard time avoiding death and keeping an exhausting life style at the same time. Saturn inconjunct Pluto is the combination for the disadvantages of fanatics, when health is concerned and the Inconjunction shows that there is a mismatch in controlling yourself. Sometimes people with this aspect combination go on and on disregarding signs of exhaustion or pain. In the case of Elvis Presley he did not seem to listen to any warning or sing, not even to the mirror. The combination of having Moon (for needs) and Jupiter+Neptune (the expending planets) prominent made him vulnerable for eating way too much. And there was not a soul around who could stop him, even they wanted too.

Notice the inconjunction of Saturn and Uranus with the MC! The planets make a Yod with the Midheaven. Saturn in aspect with Uranus point at being stuck (mind or body) in old patterns. And sometimes people with a very prominent Saturn – Uranus theme in their charts end up in a cellar or a prison cell. Elvis Presley created his own limited area and ate like he did when he was a kid.

Elvis Presley was above all a succesful ‘dream’, a man on stage, an artist with an uncontrolled need for romance, privacy and ‘more’, who ignored warnings. He was also a man with a temper and with musical talents. He was all that and you can see it in his chart. In fact, he IS still a beloved and admired person. Watch his fan sites...There are even people who do not believe that he died and they keep hoping that they will see him again one day. That is the effect of being an idol. As he is not real (Neptune on top) he stayes alive in everybody's imagination. As a kid I saw 'Blue Hawaii' and it is that movie that makes me want to go there one day...

Marga Bervoets

*) Re: the case of a Dutch singer, Gerard Joling, who went on singing for months with apendicitis! and who has Saturn tightly sesquisquare Pluto in the natal chart and ended up in hospital (almost too late) with transit Saturn conjunct Pluto… More about Saturn and Pluto on my site Astromarkt


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